Come together with KPOET DJ, radio host Jacob Shore

Come together with KPOET DJ, radio host Jacob Shore

Ky Watnick


At the beginning of the semester, KPOET was recruiting at record speed with the hopes of featuring new voices from all areas of campus. Fourth-year Jacob Shore was one such recruit. On top of performing in Frankenstein and practicing with Whittier College’s improvisation group We Tell Funnies (WTF) Improv, Shore decided to devote some of his time to KPOET this semester.

“I have always wanted to host a radio show,” said Shore. “I love music, and I like the idea of sharing my favorite songs with others. Since I am graduating, this year was my last chance to get involved, so I volunteered.” At KPOET, getting involved can mean anything from writing album reviews to setting up Open Mic Nights to DJing on air.

Shore has organized his contributions into two time slots, Saturdays 5 – 7 a.m. and Sundays 9 – 11 a.m., where he DJs and hosts his radio shows. “I have really gotten into more alternative pop and alternative rock,” Shore said in reference to his music taste and DJ style “[but] mainly Beatles music.” This is especially prevalent during one of Shore’s shows, Sunday Brunch with the Beatles, which is just one of the new additions to the KPOET livestream. 

Shows have become a bigger part of KPOET than ever before. Shore in particular has two different weekly radio shows. On Saturdays from 5 – 7 p.m., he hosts Jacob and Kenny Don’t Know What They’re Doing with former Poet Kenny Hamilton. It is a comedy-style show about anything and everything that comes up behind the booth. “As the name suggests,” said Shore, “we do not know what we are doing.” Then, on Sundays from 9 – 11 a.m., he hosts Sunday Brunch with the Beatles. “On that show, I share some Beatles knowledge and play their music,” said Shore. It is easy to open up the livestream, start on some weekend chores, and pick up some new trivia about John, Paul, George, and Ringo in the meantime.

This year, KPOET has been focusing on improving their station and creating new events. From monthly Open Mic Nights, to their new website (, things at KPOET have been constantly in motion, which can make adjusting to the station more difficult for new DJs. However, the transition has gone over fairly smoothly thanks to much preparation on the part of the managers and faculty advisors at KPOET.

Shore said, “It’s very organized. The management is extremely prepared this year, and they are doing a great job managing everything.” According to Shore, there is no stress or weight in the KPOET booth — everything is taken in strides. “It is a time of adjustment, but our management is excited about it and on top of it.”

It seems that the reason so many new DJs are comfortable at KPOET has to do with the atmosphere of KPOET, where they are constantly encouraging artistic expression in and out of the booth. “We are one big, happy family. We all love music, and we all have a mutual respect for one another,” said Shore. Even with the great variety of music styles and shows at KPOET, they seem to be working in harmony. “There are so many great DJs on our staff.”

There are many different styles being highlighted at the station these days, so be sure to have a listen at, and, if you are in the mood to check out something new, the KPOET website will have all of their album reviews from this year going up as they are written. The first one is already up and available for reading. They will also be published in our very own Quaker Campus, so for the most current review, check out Page 7, and for more information regarding KPOET playing on campus, check out Page 1.