The QC says farewell to Sara Weir

The QC says farewell to Sara Weir

Juan Zuniga-Mejia


Normally, the Quaker Campus (QC) will write send offs at the end of Spring semester to honor the work senior staff members have contributed. However, for fourth-year student and Head Copy Editor Sara Weir, the QC will acknowledge her hard work and her journey as a Poet before she leaves to study abroad at the University of Limerick, Ireland for Spring semester. 

Weir comes from La Crescenta, California. After her parents, who were not married, split up when she was four, Weir’s mother took her and her brother to live with her grandparents in La Crescenta. Weir was brought to Whittier College because of how much she liked the small college atmosphere. “I liked the sense of community,” said Weir. “I felt like I wanted to make those connections with my professors and fellow students, and not feel like just another fish in the sea at a large school.” She majors in English, with an emphasis in Creative Writing, and is minoring in Music.

When Weir enrolled at Whittier College for Fall of 2015, she entered undeclared. “I had no real plan for what I was going to do at the College, let alone afterwards,” said Weir. As Weir heads toward the half-way mark of her fourth year, she says she still has not entirely mapped out what her plans are. Still, her time as a Poet has not been spent it in vain, but, rather, it was spent striving in a constant state of growth. “I have definitely come a long way, where now I accept [not having a set plan] more, and I’m learning to see that as being a window of opportunity instead of something I have to figure out now.”

Weir has also been taking drum set and trap set lessons with Whittier College since her first year, and was in the Whittier College’s Choir from her first year to her third year. Most of her experience in the Music Department comes from playing drums with the College’s Jazz Ensemble. Weir originally had a double major in English and Music, but, due to scheduleing difficulties, she had to move Music to a minor. Still, she said the Music Department has always been one of the communities she is grateful for at Whittier.

“I love jazz and swing music,” said Weir, “kind of because of Jazz Ensemble, but also just because I already was in love with it.” As for reading and writing, Weir mainly has an interest in writing poetry. “Since a very young age, I have been keeping personal journals — that was a big part of my childhood, just kind of writing all of my thoughts down.” She finds inspiration comes from these journals, and she uses her art platforms as a creative outlet. “I’ve got lots of love for the Music Department, lots of love for the English Department,” said Weir. 

Weir is also a member of Arthurian Order of the Knights of Pendragon (AOKP). The Live-Action Role-Playing club has connected Weir to some of her closest friends. “By the time I joined the club, I already had friends in the club, and so joining the club was like joining a group of some of my closest friends,” said Weir.

Weir started working as a copy editor for the QC at the start of her second year, then, the following Spring, she became the Head Copy Editor. “It happened pretty quickly,” said Weir. “It was something that I kind of knew I wanted to do before I tried it out, and then when I came and start[ed] editing, I found it was something that I had a knack for, and that I liked doing.” 


Weir’s time at the QC has been what she called “a great learning experience” for herself. “Working at the paper has greatly improved my communication skills and my interpersonal skills, as well as my writing skills,” said Weir. “Especially since I found out I liked editing so much; it sort of became a way of finding, or looking into, the possibilities for using my English major.” The QC, alongside AOKP and the Music and English Departments, have provided Weir with a sense of community throughout her time as a Poet. 

“[The QC] was another one of those subcommunities that gave me a sense of purpose and place on campus — that I was working towards something,” said Weir. “Every week you see the issue come out and there’s that feeling of pride . . . like, ‘I did something.’”

At the time this article is written, Weir has not determined a career plan quite yet. Considering her upcoming study abroad trip, Weir imagines she may find work abroad, though she has not confirmed in what sort of field she would like to exercise her major and minor. Even so, Weir knows where her strengths and passions lay. “Even if it is not part of my career or my job, I will always be making music in some way, and I will always be writing in some way. It doesn’t matter what job and career I end up in,” said Weir.

Since her first year, Weir has noticed that she has become more assertive. Even without a set plan for what her next step in life is going to be, she said, “I’m okay with that because I know that I have the skills, [and] I know I’m more confident now that I have what it takes.” Weir recognizes that the transition throughout college is a time self-discovery and exploration. As a self-reflection, she said, “I know that was something that really happened for me in college, and is still a work in progress for me. I’m not sure what career path I want to take, and I’m still learning things about myself everyday, [about] my wants, my strengths, and my weaknesses. I think that I’ve made significant progress in that journey . . . I’m looking forward to continuing the journey after.”


At the University of Limerick, Weir will be studying more English literature and learning about Irish culture. “It’s just sort of a way I’ve decided to end my undergrad[uate years] with a bang,” said Weir. Not only looking forward to the cold weather and rain, Weir also expressed that she is excited for her first abroad trip and the big adventure. 

Weir will be returning to Whittier College this May in time for Commencement, where she will walk and get her diploma alongside her fellow peers and some other QC coworkers as part of the class of 2019.