Senior Spotlight: Charlie Newman Anime lover, club president, and student ambassador

Senior Spotlight: Charlie Newman Anime lover, club president, and student ambassador

Jillian Spaulding


While fourth-year Charlie Newman leaves Whittier in less than a month, his legacy will remain among the members of the club that he founded, the Trading Card Game Club. 

After four years, what Newman will miss most about Whittier is not the classes or the Campus Inn, but the human connections he was able to make here. “[I’ll miss] every single person that is here. It’s such a great, growing environment. There is no place out there like Whittier with these types of connections with people,” said Newman. 



Newman came to Whittier College on a tour five years ago from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and instantly knew that Whittier was the place for him. “When I toured Whittier, I got a big ‘click’ moment, and I know everyone says that,” said Newman. “I just remember talking to a bunch of professors and current students, and I really got that Whittier community vibe before I even knew it was a thing. I definitely saw a place I could make a home in.” 

He has been a Resident Advisor, a student ambassader,  a Trading Card Game Club co-founder, and a Whittier Scholars Program major. During his time at Whittier College, Newman has tried to get everything out of Whittier as he possibly could. “It wouldn’t have been as much fun if I didn’t,” said Newman.

Newman started out wanting to be a teacher. “I took a class, and I guess I expected a how-to-teach 101, but then I took a field work class and didn’t have the passion,” said Newman. Thrown for a loop, he changed his direction to philosophy, but struggled with this as well. He then went to his advisor, Professor of Philosophy Paul Kjellberg, who finally asked him something no one ever had before: “Forget what you want to study, what do you want to do?”

“Without Kjellberg I would have just suffered through philosophy, but now I have a major I love,” said Newman. This led him towards the Whittier Scholars Program. Newman combined his love for philosophy and international business with his passion for anime and manga to create his self-designed major: Cross-Cultural Business Ethics.

For Newman, Whittier had its ups and downs, but overall he believes the College gave him so much. “The person who first came to Whittier wouldn’t recognize who I am now. I had clouded judgements and was so naïve,” said Newman. “I morphed into a person I truly am proud to be today.” 

Newman is most proud to have created a place at Whittier for like-minded people to come together and get in touch with their childhoods through the Trading Card Game Club, which he started alongside his girlfriend, third-year Aubrey Baran. “We set up a table at the activities fair, and now we have about a fifty-fifty split of newer players and people who just got back into it,” said Newman. The Trading Card Game Club meetings every Monday night have become something he looks forward to all week for its pure fun and noncompetitive environment. 

Among his various tattoos, is a  pawprint  of his dog, Woofy.

Among his various tattoos, is a pawprint of his dog, Woofy.

 Newman dreams of working for Funimation, a major American anime distribution company. “I got a call back the other day from a company working directly with anime and manga, so, hopefully,” said Newman. Through it all, he has many dreams and aspirations for the next five years. These include getting four more tattoos, returning to Japan, and getting a large dog. “Within five years, I want to be able to impulse-buy at Target, and buy name-brand cereal,” said Newman.

Newman has advice for underclassmen just beginning their time at Whittier. “Whittier is exactly what you make of it. Take all that is available to be taken, and make opportunities for yourself,” said Newman. “Do what makes you happy. Don’t just get involved to get involved. Do what you want, and throw yourself into it.”