Senior Send-off: Maggie Harvey

Goodbye Madame Murder

“Bigfoot stole my weed!” 

About a year ago, I walked into the Quaker Campus (QC) office, and little did I know I would be hearing colorful exclamations like these daily from fourth-year Maggie Harvey. Having written a few articles for the QC already, I was interested in writing more, and that is when I saw Harvey sitting in an oversized black chair, furiously clicking back and forth on InDesign, trying to make a column just perfect. 

Beginning her Poet journey in Fall of 2015, Harvey immediately began making waves. She has been working towards a major in Digital Art and Design and, in the next couple of weeks, will be the first Poet ever to graduate with this major. Harvey is not only the first student to graduate from a completely new program at Whittier, but she will also be graduating with a major in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in Studio Art. 

After Harvey found herself at the QC during her second year making cartoons for the paper, she quickly took on more roles. Looking back on her growth within the paper, Harvey remarks that she was not always the best with deadlines or meetings. “The first time I actually wrote something for the QC, it got pushed so far that it was no longer relevant,” said Harvey. This would come as a surprise to many, considering Harvey is now the writer of the QC’s crime column, Tell-Tale Crimes. Harvey developed this column just this year, but she wants to continue it on her own once she graduates, even if it is just for her own enjoyment.

Photo Courtesy of Regina Valencia   The  QC ’s Opinion Editor Maggie Harvey first started out drawing cartoons for the paper.

Photo Courtesy of Regina Valencia

The QC’s Opinion Editor Maggie Harvey first started out drawing cartoons for the paper.

Overall, Harvey looks back on her time with the QC as a fulfilling experience. As any student knows, school can become overwhelming, or, in Harvey’s case, utterly underwhelming. Harvey is grateful to the QC for giving her an opportunity to “apply all the skills [she’s] learned,” and to research something new every week. Having a job that you love is rare for many, especially in college, but Harvey feels that being paid for her work in the paper was icing on an already delicious cake. 

When asked what she will miss the most about Whittier College — besides the QC, of course  — Harvey welled with emotion. “My friends have given me a rock-solid support system over the years, especially with my own mental health,” said Harvey. As she continues to fight and cope with her mental health, Harvey has come a long way with the help of the professors and friends that Whittier has put in her path. Even though she is sad to be moving on, Harvey looks forward in the hopes that she will be able to find a job that allows her to visit her friends as much as possible. 

“As for my teachers,” Harvey said, “I can positively say that there are a few that have changed my life, and I’m pretty sure they know who they are.” Harvey is positive she would not have been able to complete her two degrees on time without the support and guidance that the Whittier faculty has given to her. Transitioning from student to alum, Harvey hopes to one day call these professors her colleagues. “It is so inspiring to see people that you respect be successful in the field that you want to go into,” said Harvey.      

The journey from scared first-year to tired and scared fourth-year is always on Harvey’s mind as she walks to some of her final classes at Whittier. This time has changed Harvey in more ways than one, and has shaped her into the person she is today. If she had the chance to whisper into her first-year self’s ear, she would tell her to worry less. “I worried constantly about what other people thought of me and what work I was doing at school, and it wasn’t really helping me in the short or long term,” shared Harvey. This is a sentiment that many college students can relate to. Nonetheless, Harvey wishes she could tell every first-year to just relax and keep their heads up! 

That is exactly what Harvey intends to do herself as she makes her leap into the workforce. “I tend to try and take whatever opportunities come my way,” said Harvey when asked where she sees herself in five years. “So I hope I’ll keep doing that and see what happens!” Soon, Harvey will return to her home in Seattle to face the age-old question, what comes next? “Ultimately, I just really want to get a dog,” said Harvey. She may not know exactly what she is going to do or where she will be, but Harvey’s aspirations are high. “Hopefully I’ll be working on my own book to publish, or maybe be[come] a crime writer,” she suggested. Either way, the QC staff and all who had an effect on Harvey during her time here at Whittier will be watching with excitement.