Senior Send-off: Malory Henry

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Kristi Weyand


The Quaker Campus (QC) was the match that sparked fourth-year Malory Henry’s time at Whittier College. Encouraged by former Editor-in-Chief to join in her first semester at Whittier College in 2015, Henry quickly made the experience all her own. While the QC’s presence in her life has faded, she believes its influence will be present throughout her future endeavors. 

Emerson Little/ Quaker Campus    Fourth-year Malory Henry plans to pursue a PhD in Anthropology after her gap year.

Emerson Little/Quaker Campus

Fourth-year Malory Henry plans to pursue a PhD in Anthropology after her gap year.

While the College is not far from home, Henry has used her time at Whittier to explore the globe. In the Fall of 2017, Henry spent a semester abroad in South Africa, where she got the opportunity to work in a rural hospital in Durban. This experience, and a trip to Tanzania — where she spent five weeks working for the nonprofit Foundation for African Medicine and Education (FAME) — helped her complete a research project on maternal care for HIV positive African women. While working for FAME, Henry said she “led the initiation of a traditional birth attendant outreach program,” an experience that further emphasized Henry’s passion for integrating a more personal mindset into scientific fields. 

Henry credits part of finding the courage to apply for these experiences to working with the QC. “When I first came to college, I lacked the confidence to do anything,” said Henry, “but the people who work in the QC are all such independent, vocal, strong people and being a first-year coming into that was so inspiring.” The social environment the QC provided Henry also encouraged her to become a member of the Thalian Society, which allowed her to create a connection with the College and her peers that she hopes will last long after she graduates. During her time as a copy editor at the QC, Henry realized the power of having a platform like the newspaper and put this appreciation towards her first article, of which she co-wrote with Lopez on the free the nipple movement. 

Henry now works as a writing tutor at the Center for Academic Advising and Success, a mentor for the Center for Engagement with Communities Artemis Program — which offers STEM experience to high school girls — and an assistant at the Kumon tutoring center. After college, Henry plans to use all she has gained from her various experiences at Whittier to help shape her future. As of now, Henry has an opportunity to move to Kenya to work as a program manager for a nonprofit that does community health outreach. After her gap year, Henry plans to pursue a doctorate in Anthropology. From there, she hopes to find other nonprofits to work with, preferably across the world. While she hopes to spend the next years exploring the world, Henry would not be surprised to find herself teaching as a professor of Anthropology in the future.