The Quaker Campus

Campus Safety addresses call box rumors

The Quaker Campus

Matthew Park

Rumors of non-operational call boxes have raised concerns. These call boxes, located in various areas on campus are managed by the Department of Campus Safety as an effort to provide resources to ensure that students stay safe in the event of an emergency.  The main function of the call box is to provide immediate assistance for students and faculty in the event of an emergency by allowing instantaneous communication with Campus Safety.

Safety and Compliance Coordinator Magaly Perez was able to provide more information on not only the call boxes but also their upkeep. Perez confirmed that there used to be non-operational call boxes on campus; however, they were older boxes that have since been removed.  Some of the older boxes that remain are fully functional and are located in Johnson, Ball, Stauffer, Turner, Hoover and the Shannon Center. Most of the call boxes seen on campus are the large blue boxes that were put in over the summer and Campus Safety insists that these are all working.

Since these newer call boxes are still in their first year of operation, Campus Safety makes it a point to make sure these are kept in good shape, performing monthly check-ups on them, if not more often. An outside company handles the repairs if there is ever a problem. Campus Safety has not reported any serious problems with the boxes since their installation and reports that the boxes are all currently in good standing.