Dean Hartman spearheads new changes: Drinks to the dissolve of DPP

Jewels Mesa

Poets aged 21 and over no longer have to complete the Drinking Privileges Program (DPP) in order to consume alcohol on campus. “The program itself is being reimagined and incorporated into the alcohol education and high-risk drinking prevention programming we already support,” Associate Dean of Students Josh Hartman said. 

As long as students of age have completed both Part 1 and Part 2 of Think About It, they may drink on campus — so long as they comply with campus policies outlined in Whittier’s Alcohol and Other Drug Policy guidelines. 

According to these rules, students and guests who are 21 years or older are permitted to drink alcohol in the privacy of their residence hall rooms with the door closed. Social gatherings, so long as they are comprised of the occupants of the residence hall room and a maximum of two guests, are also allowed. Guests under the age of 21 at these gatherings cannot consume any alcohol present. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in common areas such as lounges and any bottles, even empty ones, found in residence rooms of those underage may result in charges violating the code of conduct. 

“The Office of the Dean of Students will maintain a list of all students who have completed both parts of Think About It,” Dean Hartman said. “Students who are found responsible for an alcohol policy violation and have not completed their required Think About It modules may receive additional student conduct educational sanctions.”

Dean Hartman does not see the termination of the program as the disappearance of alcohol education. Rather, this change now further promotes safe drinking practices for all students, whether they are 21 or not, and whether they plan on drinking on campus or not. 

“Only requiring this important educational module for those who are 21 and wish to drink on campus ignores the group of students who need this education more than anyone else,” Hartman said. “We are asking all students to take Part 2, including all of our new students, by mid-semester.”

Administration hopes to enhance their partnerships with businesses in Uptown — providing alcohol to all Poets of age, not just those with the now-irrelevant DPP stickers. According to the Associate Dean, they will also be constantly monitoring the impact this educational requirement has on the alcohol consumption culture.