Parking: Lots of new changes

Jewels Mesa

As crowds of students start to dot Whittier’s campus, the neatly painted asphalt areas designated for parking start to fill. Drivers in vehicles of different makes, models, and colors all swiftly scan these lots in an effort to find a space. 

In preparation for this influx of automobiles, the Department of Campus Safety sent out numerous emails detailing new parking information.

Safety and Compliance Coordinator Magaly Perez has been at the head of this correspondence. “You will notice changes in various parking lots that have been adjusted to open more spaces for students,” Perez wrote in one email. Spots that had previously held green concrete parking stops labeled “Faculty” have been re-painted grey and stenciled with “Commuter” along the side. The Mendenhall Hall and Science and Learning Center (SLC) are some lots that have been repainted and will now provide spaces for students who live off-campus. 

Students may notice that other concrete bumper stops have also been re-painted and marked “Employee,” as the College will no longer differentiate between “Faculty” and “Staff” parking options.

Aside from offering commuters more parking, the completion of construction on the SLC has also brought the return of the large parking lot near the Harris Amphitheater, which is open to all Poets. 

Perez reminds students that with the return of numerous parking spaces on campus, Whittier identification is essential. “As with any parking lot on campus, vehicles must display a College parking decal in order to park on campus,” she wrote in an email.

Although lots have been opened, the search for parking is an ongoing issue for many. “If you come early in the day, parking isn’t a problem but towards 10 to 11 a.m., it’s harder,” senior Clément Liou said, after perusing the campus for at least twenty minutes in an effort to find a spot. 

“It’s easier now having more commuter spots open and closer to campus,” senior Ryan-Hunter Kondo said, after arriving on campus at roughly 2 p.m. and finding parking after about five minutes. 

Campus Safety’s informational emails stress that students follow the parking guidelines and fill out the necessary forms in order to receive Whittier College decals for their vehicles. “As with any change, we understand that there will be a period of transition for all our commuters students, faculty and staff,” Perez writes. “Therefore, we will have a one week grace period where any parking infractions will receive a warning. After the grace period, we will resume full enforcement.”