The Quaker Campus

Senate-in-Brief: Sept 15, 2016

The Quaker Campus

I. Committee Updates:

    A. Budget Committee met to discuss first readings.

II. Daily Calander Considerations

    A. The LEAP Office was funded in the requested amount of $3500 for ticket subsidies for a trip to Universal Studios. 

    B. The William Penn Society was funded in the requested amount of $6930 for The Welcome Back Dance. 

III. Misc. business:

    A. Students have expressed issues with the gym hours available to non-athletes.

    B.Students have expressed disgust in the way that contracted workers on campus are being treated and Poets Organizing Worker’s Eco-        nomic Rights will be invited to attend next week’s meeting.

    C.The Senate discussed standing in solidarity with the Sioux tribe protesting against the North Dakota pipeline.

IV. Announcements:

    A. Diversity Council will be having its first meeting/mixer on Sept. 22 (est. time 4:30 p.m.).

    B. First-Year Class Council elections will be held on Sept. 28.