Senate-in-Brief: Sept. 22, 2016

I. President Herzberger vistited the Senate to discuss how to work on the Wi-Fi.

II. A representative from the LA County came to speak about the importance of registering to vote.

III. Poets Organizing for Worker’s Economic Rights and several custodial workers attended to share their testimonials of working condtions     under Flagship Facilities. In response, Senators from the Advocacy Committee are working to speak with Vice President for Finance Jim Dunkleman and Flagship. Check out the Senate’s live Tweets @aswc_senate for more details.

IV. Committee Reports

A. The Student Finance Committee discussed student employment on campus and student worker treatment.

B. The Advocacy Committee is working on discussing open weight room hours with the Athletics Department. 

V. First Readings

A. The First-Year Class Council requested $1,500 for a trip to Disneyland.

B. The Athenian Society requested $11,256.97 for LunA and $150 for Athenian Rush.

C. The Palmer Society requested $4,523.68 for Poet Palooza. 

D. M.E.Ch.A. requests $3,905 for Brindis/Posada Navienda and $6,250 for the 45th annual Tardeada.

E. The Franklin Society requests $150 for Franklin Rush. 

VI. Daily Calendar Considerations

A.  The Leadership Experiences and Programming (LEAP) Office is funded in the requested amount of $240 for the Presidential Debate         viewing party.