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Spot the differences: The Ettinger Lounge

The Quaker Campusvol103.3

Alexis Dods

As first-years and returning students walk the campus, they may notice that the Ettinger Lounge that is attached to the Spot is under construction. The same company, KUD International LLC, that renovated the Stauffer Science and Learning Center (SLC) has been contracted to remodel the Ettinger Lounge. 

The SLC was the College’s initial focus and the Ettinger Lounge Project was due to a conversation with students in the Trustee Building and Grounds Committee. With a donation from a generous Trustee couple the project began construction this summer.

President Herzberger revealed that student feedback was reflected in the design of the new lounge. “What’s fabulous about it it is, first of all, it’s going to be quieter. One thing we heard from students was that the noise would resound and so it was hard to have small conversations and it was hard to even study,” remarked Herzberger. “So we took that into consideration in the planning of what would be included in the new lounge.” 

Students also had a say in what the space would look like afterthey were given the opportunity to test out different furniture at the end of last year. “I think that there will be a lot of color, so it will pop,” said Dean of Students Joel Pérez.

Although the remodeled lounge is designed to be quieter due to use of multiple types of materials, it will still be utilized as a multipurpose space. “There’s going to be a change in the flooring and the ceiling. The materials out of which the study pods are built [along with] the carpeting on the floor will just dampen the noise so that it’s not resonating all over the room, which is what was happening before,” President Herzberger said. “It is much more broken up so that people can enjoy their conversations.” 

 The renovated lounge will boast plenty of new features for students to maintain the multipurpose nature of the space. “When it opens you will see…booths, the amount of outlets for students to plug their computers [into], and also the big screen TV to provide a space to watch TV or play video games,” Pérez said. “I’m excited for the potential of the space being used for students to enjoy. The idea is to try to create a living room for the campus — for residential and commuter students to come together.”

Some students have already taken advantage of the couches outside to hang out on, as well. According to Herzberger, there will be a white board in the lounge for students to utilize. In addition to these features, the updated lounge will also provide students with more areas to study. “There will be study pods where students will be separated from other groups and they can have a small group study there or even just [use for] fun with their peers over lunch. In one of those pods, there is going to be a feature where students can relax in front of a gas fireplace, which will be nice if it ever turns cool this winter.” 

Students can look forward to future events taking place in the newly remodeled Ettinger Lounge after its anticipated completion at 5 p.m. this Friday, Sept. 23, 2016. The Leadership Experiences and Programming (LEAP) Office, with the help of the ASWC Senate Program Board,  has been spending time thinking of future programs for the space. The Presidential Debates will be screened in this updated location on Monday Sept. 26.