Burglary warning on campus

Leah Boynton

The Whittier College community received an email from Safety and Compliance Coordinator Magaly Perez on Monday Oct. 24, stating that there has been an increase in burglary and larceny reports. 

The email referred to an increase in burglary in Ball Hall due to students not locking their rooms, according to Senate’s residential hall representative sophomore Bryceton Scurr who spoke at Monday night’s Senate meeting.

The email provided students with crime prevention tips, such as keeping doors and windows locked and reporting any issues if they are not working correctly. 

Students that regularly use the athletic center are advised to avoid bringing cash, wallets, watches, or other valuables to the athletic facilities and to practice caution with said items in the locker rooms. 

Those who have guests visit campus are asked to greet their guests at the door of the residence halls in order to prevent unknown persons from entering the buildings without permission.

“Students should definitely be cautious in their residence halls as well as anywhere else on campus,” Area Director of Turner and Ball Felirose Tamparong said. “It is best that students close their windows and make sure their doors are locked and secured at all times, especially when they are not in their rooms. If students are aware of door, window or key concerns, they need to notify their Resident Advisor to begin the process of addressing these issues.”

The reports are currently pending a disposition, therefore, Campus Safety declined to comment. Students are encouraged to report to Campus Safety if they believe that a crime has occurred. 

Perez said that reporting allows Campus Safety to better identify a pattern or trend in crimes and helps them determine when to alert the campus community. 

The community alert asked students to speak up if they see something in order to keep the campus a safer place.