Senate-in-Brief: Oct. 13, 2016

I.  President’s Message

    A. Chief Financial Officer Jim Dunkelman will be presenting the College’s budget to the ASWC Senate in the upcoming weeks. 

II. Committee Reports

    A. The Advocacy Committee will continue to speak to Athletics about extending gym hours.

    B. The Culinary Committee had a meeting with General Manager James Dial in regards to the Meal Exchange program and more vegan options. 

III. First Readings

    A. The Physics Club requested $2,315 for their Star Party.

    B. The Metaphonian Society and Thalian Societies requested $150 for their rushes. 

    C. The Rugby Club requested $5,400 for admission fees to the Division III League, insurance fees, and equipment.

IV. Daily Calander Considerations

    A. The Black Student Union was funded in the requested amount of $500 for a BSU Cookout.

V. Miscellaneous Business

    A. The Equal Funding Bill was read for the first time and the Senate discussed equality between social and honors societies, clubs, and organizations.

    B. The Smaller Environmental Footprint Act was read and passed with a unanimous vote. 

VI. Announcements

    A. Administrative Committee will be meet Tuesday at 3 p.m. to discuss the Equal Funding Bill.