Senate-in-Brief: Oct. 6, 2016

I. First-Year Class Council President Genesis Gil was inducted onto the Senate table along with her council.

A. Associate Director of Residential Life Joe Melendez presented Res. Life’s new flyer policy, which requires organizations to request posting flyers in Res. Halls two weeks in advance. The new policy will encourage saving paper and the Residential Advisors will be able to put up flyers themselves.

II. Constituent Reports

A.  Students were pleased with the Pipeline Protest and can expect more events surrounding world-wide social justice issues from the Social Justice Coalition (SJC). Standing Rock Sioux Tribe emailed SJC and sent their thanks.

B. The weight room hours have been in discussion with the trainers and Advocacy Committee. If students with work study would like to work in the weight room, it could be open for more hours.

III. Committee Reports

A. Advocacy Committee is discussing writing a bill that would make organizations’ funding amounts equal for recruitment events. Email with feedback. 

B. Jim Dunkleman will be attending a Senate meeting soon to discuss the new facilities contract and present a breakdown of Whittier College’s budget.

C. Environmental Committee is investigating the water waste due to the Science and Learning Center fountain.

IV. First Readings

A. The Black Student Union (BSU) requested $500 for a BSU Cookout on Oct. 15.

V. Daily Calendar Considerations

A. After miscommunication between the Athenian Society and the LEAP Office and mistakes made in registration, the Athenian Society was technically inactive. After a positive recommendation from the Inter-Society Council, the Athenian Society was reinstated and funded $10,483.97 for LunA, an alternate amount from last week’s motion.

B. The Athenian Society, Palmer Society and Ionian Society were funded $150 for Rush.

VI. Miscellaneous Business

A. The Small Environmental Footprint Act amendments were read for the second week. The amendments expand the original bill to include compost and energy conservation. The bill can be found on OrgSync in ASWC’s files.