Students Speak: Hillary or Trump?

“I voted for Donald J. Trump because I want to see change in this country. Americans are paying too much out of pocket. I believe his middle class tax relief and repealing Obama Care plans will positively affect hard-working Americans.”

Jeff Rusin,

“Donald Trump has not been a career politician. Government and politics are two different things to me, and unfortunately, the former is too often leveraged for political benefit. Government was originally intended to be run by the people, for the benefit of the people, and it has veered off that course because of corruption & ambition. Taking the perception of intent into consideration, I sincerely believe Donald Trump can make a difference in that regard.” 

Diego Velasquez, Senior

“Out of all the candidates available, Clinton represents the most viable and capable nominee for president. I’ll take pragmatism and know-how over vitriolic racism and sexism any day.”

Gunner Joachim,

“I feel as though Hillary will continue many of the practices that President Obama has put into place, as well as add her own unique expertise on many issues. Besides that, the other major party candidate is one unlike any other in our country’s history. Donald Trump has allowed hateful ideologies against minorities and historically oppressed groups to flourish. I refuse to cast my vote in a way which would increase his chances of becoming president."

Detrick Manning, Sophomore

“I feel that Trump’s tax plan is more conducive to fiscal success for college grads and other individuals at different points in their careers, which will in turn increase spending and help stimulate the economy. Also, there is evidence suggesting that Hillary has violated federal laws in regards to her personal email for official communications. Beyond that, her foundation has shown to be very corrupt.”


“Hillary Clinton, with all her faults and flaws, still exemplifies what I consider to be a good leader. She has built a career as a politician and an activist for many different types of people and groups. By becoming president she will make history and solidify the modernity of our nation.” 

Tayler Scriber,