The Lancers recruit new lads

Danielle Ruacho-Murillo

The Garrett House filled with laughter and flashes of dark blue as the Lancers held their first Open House following their four year suspension. The Lancer’s recruitment event, held on Monday, Oct. 3 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. featured free tacos, interactive games and an opportunity for students to meet alumni. Approximately 20 people were in attendance, including Lancer alumni, current society members from other organizations and prospective new Lancer members.

Whittier College and Lancer alumnus Bill Bonney ‘53 sat at the door handing out name tags to the prospective members. “I am an active member in my society even after all these years,” Bonney said. “I help set up events like these to get better acquainted with the prospective members and I feel like this is a crucial time to get our name out there.” Bonney participated in the New Member Education Process just 19 years after the society was founded in 1934.

The meaning of brotherhood was talked about by alumni, as well as by prospective members, including junior Colin Greenup. “I like that the Lancers are a returning society and have been putting in a large amount of effort into their recruitment,” Greenup said. “My dad was a Lancer and I think it would be cool to be part of a legacy.”

All week, members of the Athenian,  Ionian, Metaphonian, Thalian and Palmer societies wore navy blue Lancer shirts that were gifted to them by the Lancer Society. They aim to show their support by wearing the shirts and have encouraged new students to attend Lancer activities. There is also a lot of excitement on behalf of the Lancer’s new advisor Associate Director for Residential Life Joseph Melendez. 

The Lancers ask for gentlemen to reach out to their alumni and new advisor for information on how to get involved with the Society and what it truly means to be a Lancer.