Senate-In-Brief: Dec. 1, 2016

I. Constituent Reports

A. Professor Andrew Wallis from the Office of International Programs will be attending Senate soon to discuss financial aid during study abroad programs.

B. First-Year Class Council will be hosting a movie night for first year students on Dec. 7.

C. Information about applications and requirements to be a Residential Advisor will be released soon.

D. The Whittier College concert is looking for students to serve on different committees to help host the event. Contact Senator Bettridge if you are interested.

E. Senator Wells is working on the Student Bill of Rights under the Social Justice Coalition. Contact with any input.

F. KPOET radio is working on a political talkshow. If students are interested contact WCSN is working with Cal State Los Angeles to assist             them in improving their broadcasts. Video Production Studios will be collaborating with the Spanish Department and MEChA to bring a Spanish Film Festival to                 campus in the future.

G. The Metaphonian Society is hosting a meditation event in Club 88 on Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. 

II. Committee Reports

A. Advocacy Committee is working with SJC to write the Student Bill of Rights. 

B. Environmental Committee is finalizing the results of the Food Waste Audit.

C. Student Feedback Committee is preparing their Town Hall for Spring Semester. Contact with any feedback of who you’d like to see at the event.

D. Academic Affairs Committee is working on getting an advisor for academic organizations.

III. Public Voice

A. Media Council’s Advisor Joe Donnelly urged the table to continue to invest in a free and vibrant press during a time when it is needed most in light of the Funding 

    Reallocation Bill. 

IV. First Readings

A. The Commuter Student Association requested $499 for a De-Stress Event. 

V. Daily Calendar Considerations

A. The Chess Club was funded in the requested amount of $222.92 for chess sets.

B. LEAP was funded in the requested amount of $8,000 for three consecutive years for OrgSync.

V. Miscellaneous Business

A. The By Laws Update Bill passed, which changes the voting threshold from 50 percent plus one. The Bill also alters other administrative business.

B. The Keep Whittier Welcome Bill was read a second time. The bill requests that the ASWC Senate denounce the hateful rhetoric from President Elect Donald Trump to make         Whittier a more welcoming place to students with diverse backgrounds.

C. The Updated Funding Allocations Bill was read for a second reading. The bill cuts Media Council’s funding from 35 percent of the student body fees to 20 percent, an 

    estimated $27,000 per semester, and reallocates them to Program Board.