Response to Dub-Sync incident from the Mets president

Response to Dub-Sync incident from the Mets president


Dear Poet Family,


I would like to take this time to apologize to anyone that may have been offended by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air skit performed by the Metaphonian Society at Dubsync. As a member that participated in this skit, I have engaged in deep reflection and have come to realize the mistake in judgement that took place in the planning of this skit. 

This skit demonstrated racial and cultural insensitivity, perpetuated stereotypes, and disregarded the important theme of empowering others with the freedom of choice. Although this was an unintentional mistake, I do recognize that this caused harm within the Whittier community and negatively impacted students. As a result of this incident, I am challenged to reflect on the important responsibility that students have in creating a campus climate that adheres to the ideals and aspirations of our community values. It is important that in moving forward, we address diversity and inclusion and critically analyze how ignorance can prevent us from being sensitive to other people’s experiences. 

Again, I sincerely apologize for any negative impact this skit may have caused. If anyone would like to discuss with me regarding this subject, I am more than open to do so.


Jazmyn Alvarado


Editors note:

The Quaker Campus’s last edition featured a Letter to the Editor about the Dub-Sync incident. The Mets asked that their apology letter not be published at the time. However, the letter is now public information and we have decided to print it in the spirit of balanced reporting.