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The key to saving lives: locks

fnews2The Quaker Campus
Locks. Need I say more?

Locks. Need I say more?

Matthew Park

In an ongoing effort to improve safety measures on campus, Whittier College Campus Safety has installed new safety locks in both Hoover and Deihl Halls in the possible case of an active shooter on our campus.  

For students who have classes in either building, it might be easy to miss the small silver and red locks that have been placed on the doors inside the classrooms.  The locks were installed in September and provide the capability to lock from the inside of the classroom, which is something that doors in these buildings could not previously do.  

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our locks on campus,” said Director of Campus Safety Jose Padilla. “The locking system that we installed was part of an ongoing improvement to provide safety on campus.”

Previously, the aging doors of Hoover and Deihl were only capable of locking from the outside of the classroom with a set of keys. Hoover and Deihl are two of the oldest buildings on the Whittier College campus. They opened in 1948 and 1918, respectively, according to the school’s official website.

 Instead of replacing entire doors in some of Whittier’s most historical buildings, Campus Safety elected to install new locks on the existing doors. Contrary to previous misunderstandings, these new locks were not designed to keep your favorite (or least favorite) professors out of classrooms, but, rather, to keep potential dangers out of the College’s learning areas.

Campus Safety explained that these locks weren’t installed in response to any particular incident, but instead as part of an ongoing effort to improve safety on the Whittier campus. “This was already planned out at the end of the last fiscal year,” said Padilla. “We’re always looking at improving the campus. It’s an ongoing evaluation.”

In recent years, the campus has expanded on safety by sending out more alert texts in response to potentially concerning situations and by installing blue light call boxes in designated areas around campus. Student safety on campus has become a growing issue, and Campus Safety is looking to provide students with a constant sense of security.  While the installation of these locks in Hoover and Deihl might be a minor improvement, something as simple as a lock can be the key to saving lives.