Battle of the bands will take place Friday March 3rd, at the Harris Amphitheater

Battle of the bands will take place Friday March 3rd, at the Harris Amphitheater

Madison White


 Shortly after the Whittfest Concert Committee (CC) revealed T-Pain as the headliner for Whittifest, the committee announced on their Facebook page that they will be holding a “Battle of the Bands” contest open to solo acts, bands, and DJs.

The winner of the contest will get to open for T-Pain and Mula Gang. “We’re essentially picking an opener for the opener,” CC member sophomore Keelin Bettridge said.


“The Battle of the Bands is a way to bring awareness to Whittfest while also giving back to the college community,” said CC member senior Jazmin Ringgold during a planning meeting. “We want to spotlight some of the talented musicians here.” 

The CC estimates Whittfest will draw as many as 3,000 guests, which means that winning the Battle of the Bands will be a significant publicity boost for musicians hoping to gain popularity. 

One of the students hoping to benefit from this opportunity is first-year Kianna Gonnella.  Currently, Gonnella uses Soundcloud to share her music, but is looking forward to the opportunity to reach a broader audience. “This would be a huge starting point for me as a singer,” she said. “Opening at such a huge event like this would allow me to inspire more people with my music.” 

Acts looking to compete must apply to the Program Board’s OrgSync page before Feb 22. 

The Battle of the Bands will be held on Friday March 3 at 3:30 p.m. in the Harris Amphitheater. 

 Participants must perform one song and the winner will be chosen by a panel of students and music professors., yet to be determined.

The decision is also a pending approval from T-Pain and management. One act will be chosen to perform a fifteen-minute set at the concert.