Madison White

WhittFest, Whittier College’s first large-scale concert, is rapidly approaching as the school prepares to welcome its headliner, T-Pain, on April 7 at Memorial Stadium above lower campus.

This will be the first time in school history that Whittier College will host a concert of this scale featuring a big name headliner. The Concert Committee (CC) has taken most of the year to plan the event, due to the many details involved with bringing such a large production to campus. 

Recently, the CC has put on several events to promote the concert. On March 10, they held an alumni mixer called the “Buy You A Drank” event at Lift Coffee in Uptown Whittier (featuring drinks named after T-Pain songs). Approximately thirty current students and alumnus attended, and most of the attendees were society members because of the society alumni DJ competition, where acts competed to open at WhittFest. DJ Zawmbie, DJ Feld Scarr, and DJ Attello were among those that participated in the competition. The winner will be announced in a promo video from VPS and QCTV.  

CC also hosted the Battle of the Bands on March 3 in Club 88 featuring bands, DJs, and solo musicians from the College community, competing to be the opening act for WhittFest. 7 Planets like Earth won the competition, and will perform a 15-minute set before Mula Gang and T-Pain take the stage.

“The combined musical experience of everyone is unbelievable,” said guitarist and first-year Mason Hammond. “I’ve never felt so absolutely comfortable.” 

The band was named after the Trappist-1 solar system, discovered the day they registered for Battle of the Bands. The band’s singer junior, Maggie Niemann said, “It would mean a lot for all of us to open for T-Pain because we want to be more involved on campus.”

Tickets for WhittFest are on sale now and can be purchased online at the Ruth B. Shannon Center website ( Students must purchase their tickets ahead of time as none will be sold at the event, and tickets have to be picked up from the Shannon Center in person. No printed tickets or online confirmations will be accepted. In attempts to get students to buy tickets early, the CC has been doing giveaways. Those who bought tickets prior to Feb. 27 have been entered into a raffle for a meet-and-greet with T-Pain, and more raffles are to come. “I’m really excited about WhittFest, I think this is gonna be a great edition to our campus,” said first-year Autumn Dixon.

WhittFest will only be open to other invited colleges, Whittier students, faculty, and alumni . To keep the opportunity exclusive, members of the College community must present school ID when purchasing tickets, alumni must show photo ID and have their names checked against school records. Tickets are $15 for students, $20 for faculty and staff, and $25 for guests, and students can now charge student purchases to their student accounts.