Whittier College Student Bill of Rights


This document, the Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, outlines a list of rights and responsibilities already assumed or given by the government and/or institution, but also advocates for additional rights which are not explicit within the actors listed above.


The Social Justice Coalition will be responsible for making sure these rights are upheld.


These rights, which are meant to protect the Students as primary stakeholders, are as follows:

1.     The right to the freedom of opinion and expression, provided those opinions and expressions do not do any of the following:

a.     Harass, attack, harm, or threaten to harm another individual on the basis of protected identity (i.e. race, religion, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc.).

b.     Incite violence of any sort (expressly, meaning that there are clear calls for physical violence towards the person or property of another).

2.     The right to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through media.

3.     The right to peaceably assemble, protest, and petition their grievances.

4.     The right to the freedom of a critical and informing press.

5.     The right to an education that promotes individual needs and fosters personality and passion.

6.     The right to education regardless of immigration status in compliance with the “Whittier College Poet Student Sanctuary Protections Policy”.

7.     The right to seek and be assisted in carrying out experiential and independent learning endeavors for school credit with the understanding of the student’s responsibility to do their work and utilize their resources.

8.     The right to learn in an environment that is diverse, welcoming, and supportive to all groups of people.

9.     The right to protection from arbitrary interference with privacy.

10.  The right to privacy of student’s personal information and student records, in compliance with HIPAA and FERPA.

11.  The right to ADA compliance in alliance with local state and federal policies and guidelines.

12.  The right to access of healthcare/health services.

13.  The right to a learning environment supportive of mental and physical health and wellness.

14.  The right to be fully aware of the policies and processes the institution practices.

15.  The right to timely notification of any change in school academic programing. 

16.  The right to voice their own narrative prior to any sanctions given to them as a result of student conduct proceedings.

17.  The right to have fairness and proportionality in school-mandated sanctions.

18.  The right to self-advocate.

19.  The right to self-organize discussions to improve their learning environments.

20.  The right to access all resources appropriate to them on campus.

21.  The right to the college considering strong wireless connectivity as an important student need.

22.  The right to tuition competitive with peer schools.



For more resources applicable to “Student Rights” see:

-       Whittier College: Code of Conduct

-       Whittier College: Guidelines for Rallies, Demonstrations or Protests

-       Whittier College: Poster Distribution Policy

-       Whittier College: Poet Student Sanctuary Protections Policy

-       American Associate of University Professors Policies/Reports: Joint Statement on Rights and Freedoms of Students