Alumni visit for the 2018 homecoming celebration

Alumni visit for the 2018 homecoming celebration

Autumn Dixon

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Each year, Whittier College hosts Whittier Weekend to welcome back alumni. Students are also allowed to bring their friends and families to see the campus and partake in activities put on by the College. Whittier Weekend was held this year from Friday, Oct. 12 – Saturday, Oct. 13. 

On Friday, attendees were invited to the Golden Anniversary Champagne Brunch to celebrate the class of 1968, and families were invited to take a food tour of Uptown Whittier. The majority of events took place on Oct. 13, starting with society brunches at 9 a.m.  “The Athenian Society brunch brought together lAdies who pledged as far back as 1970,” said third-year Athenian Alyssa Klinzing. “It is always amazing to see the bond that this sisterhood shares, and the traditions from 1929 that are still alive today.” Whittier College President Linda Oubré was available for a meet and greet early that afternoon in the Science and Learning Center lobby. Both Men’s Basketball and Lacrosse played an alumni game, and both teams hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for their newly renovated locker rooms. 

The Whittier Scholars program hosted their first group dinner in honor of their fortieth anniversary from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. at Wardman House. “All six faculty who have led the program over the years were recognized for their contributions,” said Director of Whittier Scholars Program Andrea Rehn. “In addition, Scholars, with the help of Whittier College Video Production Studio, unveiled a new project, the ‘Scholars Spotlight Series’, which seeks to connect current students with alumni. The series will spotlight individual alumni who will talk about how their self-designed educations developed into their life paths after college.” Class of 1993 alumna Megan Hobza attended the dinner as well. “Being together with four decades of Whittier Scholars graduates brought home how much the program creates shared values around integrity, achievement, and community.” said Hobza. “I’m proud to be a part of the Scholars alumni, and loved hearing that designing your own education has emerged at the leading edge of the college sector.”

Saturday night, the Poets played against La Verne in the Homecoming game, losing 42 – 23. Class of 2018 alumni and former Quaker Campus Editor-In-Chief Emily Rich attended the game. “I used to attend games with my friends a lot as a student, and being at the homecoming game as an alumna and cheering on our team was a very cool experience,” said Rich. “I watched them win the Shoes last weekend, which was very special, so I was really rooting for them for Homecoming . . . It made me proud to be a Poet.”  Members of the class of 1968 were invited to watch the game from the President’s Suite. 

To close the night, and Whittier Weekend, the College hosted the Poet Homecoming Bash with DJ Richard Blade from 8 p.m. – 12 a.m. in the Upper Quad. “Being back at Whittier is like being back at home,” said Blade. “It also reminded me that I am forever a Poet, along with the Poets who come after me.”