Campus Inn serves up fresh beats with KPOET

Campus Inn serves up fresh beats with KPOET

Elizabeth Wirtz

KPOET radio was played in the Campus Inn (CI) for the first time two weeks ago. KPOET is an organization under Media Council, and has 25 student employees who act as DJs, managers and album reviewers for the College. This organization allows students to engage their creative sides and produce music while gaining practical skills by hosting radio shows and creating on campus events. KPOET music will be played during all of the CI’s operating hours, which can be found on the Whittier College website.

Fourth-year co-station manager for KPOET Radio Astra Yatroussis, and second-year DJ and album Review Manager Diana Sarabia, sat down with the Quaker Campus to discuss the importance of student organizations, media influences and KPOET now being played in the CI. From 6 a.m. to midnight, Monday through Saturday, KPOET streams live music through  KPOET is played from the office in the Lower Campus Courtyard and pulled up on a computer in the CI. Each DJ has their own style — for an in-depth look at the DJs, see page 4. “This is something we have been working on for quite some time,” said Yatroussis. “It’s a conversation that has been going on between station management and Bon Appétit, but really Kris [Berardi] and Diana [Sarabia] have pulled it together.”

“[Associated Students of Whittier College (ASWC)] Senate has always wanted to promote student involvement on-campus,” said Second-year ASWC Student Body Representative Kole Joachim. Involving Senate in creating change and spaces for student engagement on campus is important to the Senators. “We serve as a voice for the students and wish to discover and implement ideas on-campus that promote those students,” said Joachim. While Joachim advocated for KPOET to be introduced to the CI speakers, it was KPOET managers and DJs who began to raise the question of why KPOET had not already been playing. 

“[KPOET] is a safe space. You can express your individuality, especially through music,” said Sarabia. Students are also able to Snapchat or Direct Message KPOET on Instagram with song requests, and it connects the campus. “KPOET provides a deeper sense of community for the entire campus,” said Yatroussis. “We are a very small school . . . it is really easy to not know people, so hearing familiar voices on the radio while you’re studying . . . provides stable figures who are real members of the community [students] can look to.”

Currently, music from KPOET is not played in The Spot, but Senator Joachim is confident that KPOET may be utilized in The Spot in the future. “[We are] hopeful it will be an easy adaptation for The Spot as well,” said Joachim. To get involved with KPOET, be sure to attend their Open Mic Night at 7 p.m., on Nov. 9, in Club 88.