Relating with Campus Relations: Meet Kole Joachim

Relating with Campus Relations: Meet Kole Joachim

Relating with Campus Relations: Meet Kole Joachim

by Staff Writer Anthony Correa


The ASWC Senate voted to elect Kole Joachim to the position Campus Relations Director at the ASWC Senate meeting on March 5. He was chosen at the start of the meeting, after Senate held a brief private discussion, asking members of the public present to wait outside as they deliberated.

The previous Campus Relations Director, Eryn Wells, resigned from ASWC Senate in an act of protest against administrators who she believes have discriminated against Whittier students. Former First Year Class Council President Jenna Gelinas stepped down from her position in solidarity, and her position was given to Destiny Barrientos two weeks ago. Former Residential Hall Representative Nati Yitayew resigned in protest as well. The chair remains unfilled as of this writing. 

The Quaker Campus met with new Campus Relations Director Joachim to give him a chance to introduce himself to the student body.

Joachim is a 19-year-old first-year student persuing a double major in Chemistry and Math. Joachim is from Atwater in Central California. He is one of many family members who have attended the College, including a cousin that graduated last year and an older brother, fourth-year Gunner Joachim,  “I guess it’s kind of a family tradition to come to this school, even though it’s so far away,” said Joachim. While he will now serve as Director of Campus Relations, he is also a governing student body representative of the Global Medical Brigade on campus. The Brigade is a group of students and medical professionals who work alongside local communities and staff to implement sustainable health systems. Off campus, he acts as a COPE scholar at St. Francis Medical Center of Lynwood, where he volunteers his time to help the hospital. 

While Joachim is taking on a new position in the ASWC Senate, it is not his first experience in working with them. “It is a little daunting at first, but since I have been a Student Body Representative on the table for this previous year, and I have also been the Secretary of the First Year Class Council. I feel that I am really prepared to take on this position,”  explained Joachim as he takes on the reign. He brings experience to the table, as he has worked close with ASWC President Bryceton Scurr as well as with a number of committees such as Budget and Campus Relations. He also has some experience working with Campus Relations. Joachim has gotten to know previous director Eryn Wells, giving him a better expectation of what the job entails. With this knowledge, he feels that he can take on the challenge of Director. 

As Campus Relations Director, Joachim controls the ASWC social media. He also has to make sure that anything posted by Campus Relations is properly advertised through social media related to the College. Joachim also “[invites] students to come to the Campus Relations Director and have their beliefs shared with the rest of the table, or their concerns shared with the rest of the table.”