Get active at the Student Activities Fair

Séamus Woods

The college experience has three essential components; the obvious being to educate oneself in a particular field. Secondly, as any movie set on a college campus will inevitably tell you, the social scene plays an enormous role. The third component however, is the clubs and student organizations around campus, which is just as essential as the other two. When asked what advice they would give any students, new Assistant Director for The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) left it as simple as “Whether at the activities fair or online, get involved.”

In hopes to help students get involved, Whittier College is hosting its annual Student Activities Fair, which will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 25, where once again the clubs and organizations will advertise themselves to the student body. For many students, this annual tradition will be their first interaction with groups they might one day lead. 

Despite the importance of days such as this, there has been little in the way of awareness for the fair. Whittier College’s own website does not even have the fair scheduled on the official calendar. So what exactly should students expect from this event? And what do clubs have to do to get more exposure?

The event itself will take place on the North Lawn from 4:30-6:30 p.m. The fair will feature roughly 60 different clubs and organizations, all vying for the student’s attention. “This is a really good recruitment event,” said Laffin. She is looking forward to the event, as this is her first time overseeing the actual fair. This year’s event has been organized by Laffin, who also recognizes the importance of student leadership describing it as “an event by students for students, with me only as a supervisor.” In addition to on-campus groups, there will be snacks and vendors, along with raffles for Disneyland and Halloween Horror Nights tickets.

The Whittier College Sustainability Club (WCSC) believes in the importance of recruitment and the Student Activities Fair, as otherwise they typically get members from the Environmental Science and Environmental Studies departments. To encourage others to join the club, WCSC member and third-year Spencer VanDerStarren tells students, “We all share the same environment, so we all share the same responsibilities.”

President of the Richard M. Nixon Republican Club Forrest Rouleau said, “I don’t think most people really realize how many clubs we’ve got actually.” Rouleau believes that the Student Activities Fair is a good opportunity for organizations to meet potential new members. “It’s a responsibility as clubs to reach out one on one with friends in class and let them know about your club and let word spread,” said Rouleau.

While the upcoming fair is a great opportunity to, as Rouleau described it “branch out to see what is on campus,” the fair may not be for everyone. “It is not always designed to be inclusive to more introverted people,” admitted Laffin, saying “sometimes it is a little daunting to go out there and see everyone.” However, if you for any reason might miss the fair, the OSE wants to remind people that they still have other ways of looking into the clubs and organizations on campus through OrgSync. 

“It’s like Facebook, but for student organizations on campus. Whether you’re interested in anything from basket weaving to live action role playing, it’s all categorized on there.” 

Ultimately, the one uniting message all sides seem to agree on is the importance of the Students Activity Fair. Joining a club or organization that deals in a topic you are interested in can have a significant influence on your time at the College. 

The Quaker Campus (QC) will also be recruiting at the Student Activities Fair, and students who are interested in reporting, photography, editing, or social media management can look for the QC table and speak to any staff member or the Editor in Chief Madison White. Students can also attend our weekly meetings in Campus Center 138 at 4:30 p.m. on Thursdays.