Stirring up the Dining Service’s manegement

Autumn Dixon

With the start of a new academic year, the Campus Inn (CI) welcomes its new General Manager, Craig Irby. A Student-L email was sent to students of the College on Aug. 17, stating that the previous General Manager, Lucille Alcaraz, has stepped down. “Due to other commitments, Lucille has chosen to return to her former position as Operations Manager . . . Craig Irby has accepted the position of General Manager and will start on August 31st,” the email stated. While Irby is new to Whittier College, he is no stranger to the food industry. 

Irby started working in the food industry while he was attending Cal State University Long Beach, working for a company that catered weddings. “I think that’s where I got a lot of my eye for detail,” said Irby. “It was good for me as a young adult, being able to see that type of food service.” 

After catering weddings, Irby worked for Sodexo, where he was the General and Operations Manager to run food services for both Disney and Rancho Santa Margarita High School. “I haven’t just worked for universities, I’ve worked for different clients and different customers,” said Irby. “That’s what I think I can bring to this operation, a little thinking outside the box.”

As the General Manager, Irby overlooks the CI, the Spot, and catering for all campus events. While there are changes Irby still hopes to make, some have already been implemented. In the Spot, pricing for items have been grouped and posted on a clearly labeled sheet instead of on the shelves. Placement of food and shelves in the Spot have also been rearranged. “When I go through the operations, I really go in as a customer. I want to see it as you see it, or as anyone else sees it,” said Irby.

For future projects, Irby is open to hear ideas from the students and staff. “We would love to partner really well with the school, the students, the faculty, and the staff,” he said. “This food service relationship should be seamless.” Irby also states that any clubs on campus  looking for catering of an event should contact him for assistance.

Students are encouraged to contact Irby with any projects relating to the dining services on campus, or with any nutritional questions or restrictions. “If students have anything, they can always shoot me an email. I’m always walking around all the time in the dining rooms in the Spot,” said Irby. He especially encourages students to contact him if there are problems with nutrition. “Ultimately, your nutrition is a large portion of how you study, how you sleep, how you talk to your peers,” said Irby. “If you’re hungry or don’t get sleep because you didn’t eat, that’s a problem for me.”

Irby can be reached at and has an office in the kitchen of the CI.