Letter from the editors

Dear Poets,

Welcome to Whittier — or welcome back! Whittier College is a special place filled with unique experiences, and surely the next academic year will be an exciting one. The Quaker Campus decided to put together an Orientation issue for you, the early arrivals and newcomers to Campus. In this issue, you will find a wealth of wisdom on a variety of topics — from how to decorate your dorm, to where to eat in Uptown, all the way to introducing the new Vice President and Dean of Students.

This newspaper is a labor of love for us. Our hardworking staff spent the last week of our summer to produce something special for you all. In a couple ways, this issue is a little unusual. First, this is a letter from the editors, where we are writing a letter to you instead of you to us. Second, this issue has one common theme instead of smaller sections with specified content for each. This is our second annual Orientation issue, and last year we felt like it was a good way for us to make your transition to Whittier a little easier. For most of our staff, the QC was the place that really made us feel at home, and our hope is that we help you make the most of your new home. Our themed issues usually take a little more time to create, but we felt an Orientation issue was the only way to welcome you, the Whittier way.

The QC has been around for 105 years (does not it look great for its age?), so, at times, it can be a struggle to come up with exciting and innovative content for our readers. However, we, as your Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor, and Managing Editor, are excited to bring to the table some new ideas. 

We hope that as you leaf through these pages, you will find something that interests or excites you. We truly believe that there’s a little something for everyone in this issue. And if there is not, the Quaker Campus warmly encourages you to join our ranks and make us more well-rounded.

– Autumn Dixon, Madison White, and Tori O’Campo