Discussing the financial aid delay

Discussing the  financial aid delay

Nathan Tolfa

Over the summer, a number of students at Whittier College did not receive their financial aid packages in June, when they are normally distributed. The Quaker Campus reached out to the Financial Aid Office and received the following response from Vice President for Finance and Admission Jim Dunkelman over email:

“Financial aid packages for returning students were sent out in July as opposed to June, when they are typically sent. This year, we were unfortunately delayed in the process for a variety of factors, including office staffing and some delays on important documentation. We understand that financial aid and receiving timely information on awards is important to students, and all students who have completed their financial aid documents have now received their packages. Our goal is to ensure that there are no delays in processing financial aid awards in the future.

“We want to remind students to submit their FAFSA and related documentation on time, which is a crucial component in the process.

“We also want to let students know that we are always looking for ways to bring more scholarship opportunities to the College and hopefully help relieve some financial burden for them.”

In response to a question about whether or not the College is being audited, and if the audit had any effect on the timeliness of students receiving their financial aid packages, Dunkelman wrote: “The College is currently going through an audit, which is a normal operating procedure for all colleges and did not affect our financial aid procedures.”

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