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A bathroom is a place of privacy, so butt out

The Quaker Campus

Indigo Halverson

It’s 2016 and Americans are still preaching equality to foreign countries whilst pushing for segregated bathrooms, yet again. Transgendered individuals have been using the bathroom of their choice since the concept existed, and now, more than ever, Republicans are devoted to putting an end to it.

In an attempt to eradicate such behavior, North Carolina has devoted some of their precious time to develop a bathroom hotline. This emergency hotline encourages strangers to report anyone entering a bathroom that does not match their birth gender.

According to North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, the purpose is to “keep our children safe from all the sexual predators and other aberrant behavior that is out there.”

Not only does North Carolina want to segregate bathrooms and impose backward attitudes towards the LGBT community, they also want to see these lawbreakers behind bars. The corresponding bill, HB2 captures all of the fear and hate towards the LGBT community into a neat little box with a stupid bow on top.

Instead of pretending that this is for the sake of protecting children, just admit you have a problem with non-heterosexual people. Say it with me now: “I have a problem with people unlike me and it makes me uncomfortable.” If we would all just own up to our issues with other people, we wouldn’t have to use children as shields.

Luckily, some establishments still have common sense and have declared themselves as allies. Target has recently issued a public statement regarding their policy of equality for all, including the use of bathrooms. This hotline is only going to cause problems, not fix made-up ones. North Carolina police officers enforcing this new bill are only contributing to the unnecessary bullying of the LGBT community.

Recently a video was released showing police officers dragging a self-identified lesbian out of a bathroom because she did not have an ID on her. This woman is not transgendered, but even if she was it is not acceptable to demand people to show ID in order to use the bathroom. Also, transgendered individuals can change their sex on their birth certificates in every state except Idaho, Kansas and Tennessee and their drivers license name in every state. Asking for IDs wouldn’t help them determine who should and should not be in a particular bathroom, even when following their draconian segregation system.

This witch-hunt is getting ridiculous and it is only going to escalate to no one being able to use the bathroom without looking and conforming to their gender stereotypes. Girls with short hair, guys wearing eye shadow — no one will be safe from persecution.

What North Carolina fails to realize is that pedophiles, rapists and child molesters come in all different shapes and sizes. A person’s sexuality and gender does not determine if they’ll be a predator or not. If it did, we would no longer have male Catholic priests after the last pope scandal, all colleges would be female to significantly decrease the amount of rape on college campuses and our sports programs would be run by women following the Penn State fiasco.

Many of the pro-HB2 arguments consist of the “risk” of men entering women’s bathrooms under the guise of being transgendered. The fact that there is no magical force field that keeps men or anyone else out of any bathroom just proves that heterosexual men are more problematic than transgendered individuals, yet that fact seems to have escaped them when they decided to condemn an entire community. As far as I’m concerned, men do not need to pretend to be a woman in order to enter a bathroom, that’s not how things work.

North Carolina resident Steve Jenkins insisted that he knows exactly how a woman would react to sharing bathrooms with transgendered women. “As a man, how would some woman like it if I followed her into the restroom and just told her that everything is OK because I’m transgender,” Jenkins said. “She wouldn’t like it at all, and that’s why you need a law like HB2.”

First of all, no one likes to be followed into the bathroom by anyone. Second, as a man you have no right to speak on behalf of all women. Most of us are more tolerant than you give us credit for.

Forcing men, women or any other gender to enter a bathroom they do not feel comfortable with is the equivalent of forcing the Republican party to invite transgendered individuals to a home cooked meal. If you can’t handle peeing next to someone who was born a different gender, then maybe you should stop going to the bathroom in public places. Stop forcing your bigotry and prejudice onto others. It is so disgusting that we even have to have this conversation today.

I wish transgendered individuals would have their own bathrooms, just so they wouldn’t have to be surrounded by hateful bigots.