fo3The Quaker Campus

Letter to the Editor from President Herzberger

fo3The Quaker Campus

Dear Students:

Thank you for your letter of support for those who work at Whittier College.  And thank you for showing your support directly to the wonderful people who prepare and serve delicious food in the CI and Spot and who keep our residence halls, classrooms, and campus itself looking so nice and so clean.  They work hard for you and for all of us, and I appreciate your recognition and acknowledgement of their important role in making this College successful.

The College‚Äôs contract with Sodexo is about to expire.  Vice President Jim Dunkelman has invited applications from companies interested in providing services to the College, and has encouraged Sodexo to apply again as well. Presently, three companies, including Sodexo, are being considered and students are included in the selection committee.   Through this process, we will identify the best company to provide the best service and value.

The companies being considered are required to make best efforts to include current Sodexo employees in their hiring process should they be awarded the contract.

All students are invited to express their thoughts about Sodexo by sending an email to  Furthermore, Mr. Dunkelman is arranging a meeting with students who would like to learn more about the process for bidding contracts.


Sharon Herzberger