Staff Editorial: VPS and Disability Services Dilemma

On October 24, Academic Affairs informed Video Production Studios (VPS) that they needed to leave their studio adjacent to the Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS) as soon as possible. VPS was notified this change could happen earlier in the month, but nothing was official until they received their two-week notice. 

Whittier College officials say the space is being used to create an adequate testing place for students with disabilities. VPS uses this space to hold meetings, store expensive film equipment such as cameras, computers, green screens, and microphones, and to edit and produce all of their content. 

VPS has been producing videos for the College community for over eight years. Their latest films include promotional videos for the College, campaign videos for voters in our district to get to know candidates, videos of guest speakers, town hall meetings, and community promotions for The Boys and Girls club of Whittier. They also worked at the Riverside Art & Music Festival recently,  mentoring film students from Poly High School in Riverside. 

Although rumors of this move have been heard for several years now, the sudden notice to clear out caught VPS and other media organizations on campus by surprise. 

While everyone supports the efforts and progress Disabilities Services is making, VPS, the Quaker Campus, and manyother students feel that the eviction came without sufficient warning, transparency of process. We believe VPS deserves proper help in transitioning to their potential new location in Wardman Hall so that it won’t hinder the organization’s many other projects currently in production. 

VPS is an asset to our college: its work reaches nearly every corner of the campus, covering events such as the Engineering Club’s rocket day, the Theater Department’s productions, athletic games, and graduations. Any project VPS is currently working on will be interrupted and hindered with this move. For these reasons, the QC supports VPS in its request for an extension to have adequate time to move all of their equipment, finish up projects currently in production, and to get assistance in finding a space sufficient enough for all of their staff and equipment.