Wonder Woman wonderfully queer

Gaby Cedeno

Wonder Woman comic writer Greg Rucka has confirmed that Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince, is indeed bisexual. 

For comic book fans that have read the Wonder Woman series, this may not come as a surprise considering that Prince comes from a place where there are no men and her sexuality has been at hinted at before. However, for bisexuals, who tend to be overlooked in the LGBT* community, this is tremendous news. What makes it even better is that Rucka made this confirmation right after Bisexual Awareness week.

COURTESY OF MAGGIE HARVEY   Wonder Woman is a superhero, that’s all that really matters.


Wonder Woman is a superhero, that’s all that really matters.

Why is this such a big deal for the bisexual community? Aside from having a comic book character to relate to, bisexuals are still shut out from society while gays and lesbians are becoming more acceptable. 

A recent survey done by sex toy company Adam & Eve found that 47 percent of the 1,000 people surveyed said that they would never date someone who is bisexual. Most people said that the reason they would never date someone bisexual is because they don’t believe bisexuals can be trusted. Sure, because all straight people are totally faithful. 

The idea that bisexuals can’t be faithful stems from the misconception that they are greedy people who just want to have sex with everyone. While there are people out there who like to have a lot of sex, being bisexual does not mean that you are trying to sleep with everyone. 

You can’t just write someone off as unfaithful because they happen to be attracted to both sexes. Let’s say you are in a relationship with someone who is heterosexual; you don’t think they look at other men or women? When someone loves you, they won’t just leave you for someone else, unless, of course, they never truly loved you at all.  

Any relationship is a risk, but there is no proof that being with someone who is bisexual is an even greater risk. 

People who identify as bisexual not only get backlash from the straight community, but they are also discriminated against by the gay and lesbian communities as well. You might think that gays and lesbians would be more understanding, but apparently, that isn’t the case. 

According to a study done by Counseling Psychology Ph.D student Tangela Roberts, bisexuals face almost as much prejudice from the LGBT* community as they do from heterosexuals. The problem that gays and lesbians have with bisexuals is that they do not think that their sexuality is legitimate. “It’s essentially thinking that the only ‘true’ sexual orientations are heterosexual, lesbian and/or gay,” Roberts told The Daily Beast. “All other sexual orientations are deemed to be illegitimate, not real or just a product of confusion.”

The idea that someone can be attracted to more than one gender is unfathomable for some people, gay or straight. Their inability to comprehend bisexuality is the reason why Diana Prince being confirmed as bisexual is such a big a deal. 

As Uproxx writer Donna Dickens points out, having a major superhero like Wonder Woman represent the bisexual community can help us combat biphobia and get people to see that sexuality does not determine who we are as individuals.  

“No, Wonder Woman is not her sexual orientation,” Dickens said. “But having her confirmed as a queer character is a huge leap forward in humanizing those of us that fall somewhere between straight and gay on the LGBT spectrum. Diana Prince is a compassionate hero, a grizzled warrior, an adept diplomat … and a bisexual.” 

By confirming Diana Prince is bisexual, Rucka essentially validated the bisexual community and is also giving them a glimmer of hope. Finally, it is a sign that we are heading in the right direction of diminishing biphobia.