Body types are shouldn’t be fashion trends

Patrice Gomez

Women’s beauty standards are constantly changing. Whenever I look through fashion magazines or walk into clothing stores, the images of the models are always different. For a while, big breasts and voluptuous butts were all the hype. Now, Vogue’s recent issue, argues that large cleavage is out and small is in.

In the Vogue article that titled “Cleavage is out”, they declared big breasts are no longer in fashion, Kathleen Baird-Murray wrote about an observation she made when it came to the women she had seen on the runway recently. “There’s been a lack of pertinently pushed-up breasts on and off the runway,” she says. Shortly after her article was published, Vogue received a lot of backlash from people who disagreed with this new declared trend. 

What set people off was this idea that certain body types could be trending. A quote from AOL’s Lifestyle reads, “cleavage isn’t really a fashion trend; it’s a natural part of the human body.” Buzzfeed posted an article filled with tweets people posted in response to Vogue, some of which had a powerful message. Twitter user @_emgreenn tweeted, “Not really shocked about the Vogue thing, shocked that it’s 2016 & women are shamed for having boobs, sorry but girls have cleavage, it happens.”

This isn’t the first time fashion and clothing have gone back and forth on body trends. A famous controversy in fashion was when the owner of Abercrombie refused to make plus size clothing because he believed it would ruin the look of the clothing line and instead released a new pants size which was a double zero. While society is trying to make a more positive approach for beauty and body image, magazines like Vogue take away from these efforts. 

Now clothing companies are trying to change the definition of beauty with commercials that accepts bodies of all shapes and sizes. American Eagle released a commercial for their lingerie line where girls of all races and all sizes are talking about why they love their body. Even plus size models are being exposed with new clothing lines and are embracing their figures.

This evolution is really going back and forth to what beauty is supposed to be. As women, it can be very difficult to achieve these insane beauty standards. Whenever society praises a certain body type, some women will go to great lengths in order to look like the models and celebrities they see on magazines and posters. 

According to Pacific Center Plastic Surgery, the smaller breasts trend has been linked to celebrities such as actress Ariel Winter from Modern Family, who got a breast reduction. In one of their blog posts the clinic stated that an increasing number of their patients were requesting breast reductions. “Years ago it was common for women to ask for breast implants that would give them a D cup or larger, but over the years the trend has definitely been shifting to a smaller size,” The post reads. “Now plastic surgeons frequently perform breast augmentation on women wanting to be a full B or C cup.”

By telling women that small breasts are the “in” thing Vogue is reinforcing these impossible beauty standards. This isn’t the first time that they have done it either. Back in 2014, Vogue published an article titled, “The Return of the Bosom,” which declared that 2014 was the yearof big breasts. How can breasts be a fashion trend? It doesn’t make sense. For those of us women who do not fit these definitions of beauty it has such a negative impact on our self-esteem.  

These beauty standards shouldn’t matter to us.   We all come in different shapes and sizes and we shouldn’t have to place such high beauty standards on anyone because we are all amazing human beings.  I honestly think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.