Don’t tell me to get over it

Gaby Cedeno

When Donald Trump was officially elected president, I immediately thought of all the things I have stacked against me: I am a woman; I am a Latina; I am part of the middle class; I am most of the things that Donald Trump will seek to ruin. My future is in jeopardy. So yes, I am scared.

It blows my mind that our next president is someone who has bragged about sexually assaulting women. Sure, he “respect[s] all women,” but after hearing those leaked tapes of him saying he could grab women by the pussies, we know that is a lie. 

This man has been accused by several women for sexual assault, has threatened to strip women of the rights to their own bodies, and doesn’t even comprehend how abortion works. In the last presidential debate he said, “You can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb in the ninth month, on the final day.” Really America? You elected this man? I don’t know about you, but I would like to have the freedom to do what I will with my body. It is my body.  What if I get raped? You’re telling me that I would have to carry that baby to term? This is not an overreaction, this is a legitimate fear that some women have. It is sad that we have to fight just so we can have the rights our own body.   

Trump has also insulted Mexicans wants to build a wall to prevent immigrants from coming into our country, and threatens to deport immigrants. He has said that Mexicans are rapists and are taking all the jobs. How can some people expect all Hispanics and Latinos to be okay with that? 

For many Latinos and Hispanics who voted for Clinton or the Third Party, the election of Donald Trump means that any chance they had of achieving the American Dream is gone, and that is a horrific thought. There are videos of children crying because they don’t want their parents to be deported.  The saddest part is that, generally, people who immigrate here from Mexico are looking for a better life and work hard for it. My grandfather mowed lawns and trimmed trees from sunrise to sunset until he physically could not do it anymore. Even then, he didn’t want to retire. 

My grandparents came to this country because they wanted their children and grandchildren to live in a country where they can live the glorified American Dream. Now, we have elected a president who has openly expressed his distrust and prejudice against us. A friend of mine posted on Facebook that a man at a coffee shop told her to enjoy the time she has left in the country because soon she is going to be deported. She is a U.S. citizen — America is her home. 

I am more afraid now than I was before of being verbally and physically assaulted just because of my ethnicity. Sure, I’ve faced minor racial discrimination before, but seeing all the hate crimes throughout the election, I can only imagine how many more we are going to see when Trump takes office. 

As part of the middle-class, I am horrified that the economy will be run into the ground. Yes, Donald Trump is a business man, but look what he’s done to his own businesses. The stock market started to drop as he took the lead during the election. Also, he has never paid his taxes. How has he not been arrested for this? 

This man, who we are going to have as our next president, has insulted and threatened so many of us. Some of his supporters are not only eager to strip people of their rights, they are also threatening to kill people of the LGBT* community, people of color, Muslims, and Jews. Don’t tell me to get over it. Don’t tell me that my fears are illegitimate. I have every right to be scared of what the next four years will hold.