The American dream: buy America, buy guns

Bill Atmur

Guns are everywhere. For the past two decades we have had tragedy after tragedy. Last year in Orlando, 49 people died in a mass shooting at Pulse nightclub. It was the deadliest mass shooting in America — that is until the shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, this past Sunday. 

The United States refuses to admit how violent of a country it has become. The Violence Policy Center found that “for every-one justifiable homicide in the United States involving a gun, guns were [also] used in 44 criminal homicides.” This ratio does not include the number of suicides carried out by guns as well. America has escalated into a nation of pure military-style violence that we dictate to be fair based on the second amendment right. 

People cry outrage when the idea of common-sense gun laws are even brought up into discussion. But when the language of law is translated into modern terms, it sounds outdated or otherwise irrelevant to society’s current needs. The second amendment was written during a time when guns were not capable of tearing through hundreds in a crowd. We live in a country where our constitution is a living, breathing document, capable of being adjusted to suit the needs of our society. 

Doing nothing about this situation is disgraceful. We have in our power the ability to do something about the situation. By doing nothing, we allow situations like Las Vegas, the Pulse Nightclub, and Sandy Hook to repeat itself in a chronic cycle. If not common sense gun control laws, then Congress must think of something else. If not stricter background checks, then something else. Doing nothing should not be an option.   

The United States combats violent injustices in other countries. The federal government, national security advisors, and the president all make decisions based on getting involved when other countries citizens or leaders are committing acts of terrorism or brutal murders. The United States intervened in Syria to arm the rebel forces to aid in their defense against an evil regime and dictator. The United States justifies the sale of military weaponry to Saudi Arabia for attacks on Yemen as a means for protection against growing terrorism. 

Iraq considered a state of permanent turmoil following George Bush’s foolish war resulted in residents carrying out murders against other people of different beliefs, religions, and races with military style guns they acquired over time. America’s relentless violence is no different from the ones we try to intervene in across our oceans. America has no control over homicidal behavior committed by citizen terrorists in open settings with innocent people. America should be terrified. Not because of exterior threats of terrorism, but because of our own people. “As of 2016 In 36 states, there are no legal requirements for gun registration, no permit needed and no license necessary to purchase and own a firearm” ( The people who hold citizenship within the borders of the United States are willing to allow mass murders and violence in the name of freedom for ownership of guns. 

This behavior is despicable and America needs to face the reality that we are living with terrorists—not typical terrorists with political motives but terrorists who have the right to own and use a gun. After the Las Vegas shooting, it is evident that any average citizen of the United States can become a terrorist despite their beliefs, what career they have, or the family’s description of their innocent and loving personalities.