Letter to the Editor: from the Leadership Experience and Programs Team

Dear Whittier College Community:

The Leadership Experience and Programs Office is strongly committed to the ongoing support of an inclusive community and our team of professionals are each deeply dedicated to the ongoing development of cultural competence. Understanding the importance of inclusive practices, we also recognize the significant misstep that took place surrounding the annual DubSync competition this year. We would like to first and foremost apologize for the performance of concern and our error in not identifying it as an issue during the review and approval process.  As the office that oversees the organization responsible for the thoughtful planning and execution of this event, we recognize that there was oversight on our part in the process of vetting the submissions of each organization prior to the performances. The LEAP Office takes responsibility for any negative impact this has had on our community. We are actively taking measures to change the process for approving scripts, recordings, and performances for future years to ensure this does not happen again. We sincerely apologize for any hurt this has caused. If there is any additional feedback regarding the performance please feel free to contact our office. Additionally, we welcome any thoughts on how the event or approval process can be changed for the future.


The Leadership Experience and Programs Team