Dear Editor-in-Chief,

I’d like to respond to the Op-ed piece by Ms. Cedeno.  I’m a Poly-Sci and Pre-Law graduate of Whittier College and was a sometime contributor to the QC. It saddens me to read that a current Poet doesn’t use basic logic, fact check and merely repeats the talking points of false narratives and fake news perpetuated by NPR, CNN, New York Times and New York Magazine. I subscribe to New York Magazine and I’ve been very disappointed with their extreme leftist and partisan reporting.

I’ve written numerous letters to the editor countering their false narratives and fake news. Firstly, Mr. Brannon is a populist, nationalist, conservative, Libertarian.  He’s not in any way associated with the Alt-right. Read his New York Times Magazine interview. Breitbart employs both a gay and Jewish man. Hardly a racist. In fact gay Milo was violently protested by the UC Berkeley students. Damage was done to the school’s buildings.

I thought that the New York Times realized how biased they were during the election and have promised to “tell the truth from now on.”  The print, TV, and cable mainstream media have obviously been an extension of the failed campaign of Sec. Clinton. Alternative media has become the mainstream media and they back their stories with credible sources, do the necessary investigative reporting and allow opposing viewpoints in order to engage in debate. The mainstream media doesn’t do so. Mr. Zuckerberg along with the Chinese wants to censor them and shut-down what they deem as fake news, thereby violating the 1st Amendment.

I found this opinion piece to be full of logical fallacies, such as ad hominem, straw men, poisoning the well and generalizations.  I’ve watched The Young Turks and found that they’re crude, foul-mouthed and Cenk is an Armenian holocaust denier. Mr. Robertson of course has a 2nd Amendment right to responsibly bear arms.  Jon Trott’s seminal book, More Guns, Less Crime proves the thesis of his book.  Homosexuality is contrary to physiology, world religions, morality, genetics, evolution and history. Rep. Bachmann was an honorable public servant along with Governor Palin.

I would ask the writer to cite at least 15 examples, in context without editorializing to prove her point. As for Breitbart’s headlines, English 101 and Intro to Literature would help you to understand, hyperbole, satire, irony and humor. As a journalist, you should know that the headline is the hook to attract the reader, so it’s usually provocative. Governor Palin referred to the leftist resettlement groups and sanctuary cities that are complicit with the illegal aliens in breaking the law. I volunteer for a Hispanic outreach that helps immigrants go through the process of becoming citizens within the legal parameters.


Mark Alan Peter, BA ‘84