With over six years of experience working at the Quaker Campus, it is a tremendous honor to accept the position of Editor-In-Chief. Six years experience… readers may be wondering if the newspaper is already in peril—surely “six years” has to be a typo or some misattributed error? Fret not, vox populi. Two consuls once governed the Roman Republic, and after further discussion at the QC, we too have adopted the adage that “two heads are better than one.”

Our names are Emily and Ty, and we will be serving as the future Editors-In-Chief! Even though we’re a plurality of thoughts and opinions, we are unified in our endeavor to improve the newspaper. Both of us want to see a greater online presence and plan on overhauling our current website, as well as strengthening our social media outlets. As always, the QC is dedicated to serving as the voice of the Whittier community, and we will continue to produce content that is both informative and relevant. Now more than ever, the search for truth has never felt so polarized—it is our hope to deliver details pertinent to our community.

We’re very excited to take on this challenge. Special thanks to our friends back at the office—and to our mentors graduating and going off into the world, we wish you the best of luck. You might’ve graduated and think you’re free, but since you worked with us, remember: you’ll always have issues and we’ll always still love you.


Best regards,

Emily Rich and Ty Lopez