Valentina Shevchenko robbed of championship

Valentina Shevchenko robbed of championship

Jennifer Merino

The main event for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 215 featured a women’s bantamweight championship fight against the reigning champion, Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes, vs. the challenger, Valentina “Bullet” Shevchenko.

Amanda Nunes is a mixed martial artist who fights out of Brazil, who currently holds the bantamweight championship beltforwomens’ UFC. She also happens to be the first ever openly gay champion in all of UFC history. 

Amanda Shevchenko is a mixed martial artist who fights out of Peru. Herrecordincludes a 14-3-0 (W-L-D). Shevchenko has been fighting since the age of 5 in taekwondo. 

In the main event between Shevchenko and Nunes, controversy has arisen as to who was the true victor. Many people believe that the split decision in Nunes’s favor was unfair. In my opinion, I viewed the victor as Valentina Shevchenko. She seemed like the aggressor in the majority of the fight, ending three rounds in her favor. Yeah, she was backing up, but it was in order to form better angles to strike and land better kicks. If the fight was determined by Shevchenko not following through with her judo throw and Nunes’s take down in the last round, then I believe the fight should have been a draw and set for rematch. Nunes seemed to be on the defensive with little to no striking or leg kicks. There have also been various comments by other UFC professionals that claim Shevchenko was robbed from her championship.  

Professional UFC fighter Alex “Spartan” Nicholson tweeted, “I got @BulletValentina winning every round so far #ufc215 #UFCEdmonton ... I think she got robbed tho.” 

Overall, the fight was not one of the best main card events in UFC history, but the challenger,  Shevchenko, should have been deemed the victor. One takedown in the last round should not have been the calling decision on the points card. especially since Nunes only held her down, while Shevchenko was able to get in a few more hits.

Shevchenko is ultimately the better MMA fighter, but this fight did not highlight her strengths to the fullest potential. I believe she could have put in a bit more ground work and won the fight instead of sticking on the safe side and striking.  I also believe Shevchenko put in a lot more effort in coordinating her strikes alongside her kicks against in order to land them against Nunes. Ultimately, Shevchenko was robbed from her championship title by split-decision.