Valentine’s Day: The cost of ‘love’

Valentine’s Day: The cost of ‘love’

Patrice Gomez

Oh, the 14th of February. A day that is a sea of red, white, and pink hearts. The day where roses and teddy bears invade the hearts of puppy love. Why is this the one day where you must do something extra special and show endless affection to your special someone? In my honest opinion, I feel that this day should not focus on materialism, and instead should have less pressure on trying to impress people.

One of the first reasons for this is that this holiday focuses on buying some expensive items, usually marketed as gifts for women, from men. Items are mainly focused on women — things that say “for her,” such as lingerie, jewelry, teddy bears, and even little spa kits.  Another huge problem is that most restaurants will be filled with long lines of couples waiting to celebrate their special day. It just seems to be a lot of pressure to put effort into one day, rather than to show your affection to that person every single day. According to the article from CNBC’s website, “On Valentine’s Day Love Will Cost You,” the statistics for money spent on the holiday is shocking. “More than half of consumers plan to celebrate by buying something, spending an average of $143.56 on flowers, jewelry, candy, clothes, and other gifts – up from $136.57 last year,” said, “Total spending is expected to reach $19.6 billion in 2018 all-time high”.

Parks and Rec  during the first Galentine’s Day show.

Parks and Rec during the first Galentine’s Day show.

If you do not wish to participate in this stressful holiday, then you will be glad to hear this new twist on the holiday. This year, the popular anti-Valentine’s Day trend is rising. Not only does this anti-Valentine’s Day trend include the negative “I hate love” theme, but stores such as Target are selling Anti-Valentine’s Day party favors such as banners that say “Cupid is Stupid” or “Love Hurts” — a more positive twist on it. The day before Valentine’s Day is seen as “Galentine’s Day,” a day where girls can have a fun girls night out and show appreciation of their friendship. Card companies have placed a new type of category in the Valentine’s Day section. In spirit of Galentine’s Day, they have the categories, “For your gal pal” and “For your best friend.”

So whether you are celebrating February 14 with a special someone, or are spending it with your friends, just remember that you do not have to be extra for this day. Appreciate the people that you wish to celebrate with not just on Valentine’s Day, but everyday.