The Off-Campus worker pro’s and cons

The Off-Campus worker pro’s and cons

Jillian Spaulding


For most students, college is the first time they have ever been employed. For those who seek work off-campus, it is not always a fair world awaiting them. In juggling work and school, some things are bound to slip through the cracks with all that pressure. It is when the workplaces take advantage of this that the problem arises. The workplace, though the next exciting step in a student’s life, is an uncharted and usually unexplained one. Unless required to obtain a work permit, which is done only in high school, students may be unaware of rules their employers must follow.

At all of my workplaces, I have ran into young adults who do not know their rights. I was lucky enough to have the education required of those who work underage, but this constantly brings my attention to the fact that many are not given the same opportunity as me. A student who asked to remain anonymous said, “At my work, my boss told us we weren’t allowed to leave our station — even to go to the bathroom. I didn’t know that wasn’t okay.” This is one of  a few examples of how working off campus can be a challenge that with some education can be made a lot easier. 

Working off campus is not all bad! Third-year Jasmine Linares said, “I like it because I enjoy my coworkers, and it’s close to my house, but the commute from school is hard to make sure I get to work on time.” The solace of a workplace unrelated to the campus where you spend eight hours a day for many is a welcome relief, and the flexible hours for most is an extra plus. Fourth-year Bryan Gutierrez has worked off-campus for two years and says, “Working off campus has definitely been challenging, but it’s the only option I have to support myself financially. Although it’s been a hassle dealing with being part-time at work and a full-time student at school, I think it’s been a helpful experience to grow my time management skills.” So when it comes to students in the workplace, take some time to look up the California Workplace Laws so you do not have any uncomfortable run-ins. All experiences help us grow, but with the resources on campus such as Human Resources, located in Mendenhall facing Painter Avenue., your growth can be positive rather than in the face of adversity. So, make that money, Poets!