No chilly reviews for Frozen 2 trailer

No chilly reviews for Frozen 2 trailer

Ky Watnick


Disney is reaching  unparalleled levels of drama with its recent trailer for  Frozen 2, and everyone is thrilled. I’m sure that Frozen 2 is going to be one of the biggest hits of the year. Not only is the score absolutely, over-the-top amazing, but the animation technology has matured beyond recognition. It is easy to believe that the opening scene, which shows towering bluffs and dark waves crashing against the shore, may just be a repurposed National Geographic video. It was as if they simply photoshopped Elsa into a scene in order to take advantage of the nature. What is more impressive about this new trailer is what it conveys about this next installment of the Frozen series. It is going to be a much more dramatic film than the first;  this movie is most certainly a must-see.

Frozen is commonly known as a cultural phenomenon because of the soaring popularity it gained after its release in 2013. According to, this retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen is the highest-grossing animated film of all time, which means that Frozen 2 will have some big shoes to fill. Anyone who was over the age of four in 2013 can tell you that it was an overnight sensation. It’s certainly one of my favorite Disney films. I remember learning all of the songs before I was even able to watch Frozen in theaters, thanks to the power of the internet. In a 2014 article in The Vulture, out of eight reasons for people liking Frozen so much, five were focused on the relationship between Anna and Elsa. The real reason that Frozen was so popular — besides the amazing soundtrack — was the story it told. People had gotten bored of Disney’s constant love-based “happily ever afters,” so Frozen’s condemnation of fast-falls and instant-marriages — something not found even in the most girl-power oriented of Disney films: Mulan, The Princess and the Frog, and Tangled — was refreshing. Frozen 2 seems like it is going to focus on these often-overlooked relationships again.

The  Frozen 2  trailer has looked promising to viewers.  COURTESY OF   DIGITAL SPY

The Frozen 2 trailer has looked promising to viewers. COURTESY OF DIGITAL SPY

The trailer to Frozen 2 promises a more action-packed, high-stakes film than the first. We are given images of Elsa appearing to train for something big. She is running at the ocean, attempting to use her powers to cross over its violent waves. Kristoff leads a battalion of reindeer in an apparent stampede against something unseen. Anna is alone, fighting to get over mountains. There are two children (who may or may not look like Anna and Kristoff) who get swept up in the winds. We see  Elsa and Olaf surrounded by a ring of fire, while Elsa tries desperately to fight off the flames. Finally, we see our main characters on high ground, looking out over an orange land. I don’t think they’re in Arendelle anymore, and I’m sort of glad they aren’t. Whether they are getting revenge on Hans “of the Southern Isles” or fighting a much greater foe, this next film promises to be epic, though we have no idea what it’s actually about. This mystery is arguably the best part of the new trailer.

From the clip, we can gather the overarching themes of the film: struggle, desperation, overcoming the impossible, standing alone, fighting for family, and facing the unknown, even though we never hear a single word. The Frozen 2 team must know what they’re doing, because the lack of dialogue has only left us desperate for more of the film. It seems like they’ve told us everything we need to know in order to be hanging on the edge of our seats, but in reality they haven’t told us a single thing. According to, the filmmakers are most anxious about living up to the success of the first Frozen, but voice actress Kristen Bell has asserted the reason it has taken so long to come out with this one is because they were making sure it was a quality story. The big question is whether or not it will be a popular one. After all, Frozen was electrifying in style, story, and song. I have hope, since it will be the same cast and crew that put together Frozen, and they have already exceeded my expectations with the incredible trailer. 

One thing is absolutely certain: people are going to be following the release of Frozen 2 very closely, hoping to piece together the plot before the movie’s release on Nov. 27 of this year. I’m not sure I want any more speculation, though. This deep, aching need for explanation will pay off when I finally watch Frozen 2 in theaters. Until then, I’ll just keep rewatching the trailer and trying to find any more family resemblance between those two kids and the Arendelle sisters.