Letter to the editor regarding the Green New Deal

A new wave of liberal politicians have come out with a plan to help solve the global climate crisis. It is called the Green New Deal (GND). This is the new, ambitious plan to reform the American economy and reduce carbon emissions to zero in the near future. While this plan was originally proposed by congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the most popular Democrats in the country, nearly every single Democratic candidate for the 2020 election has come out in support of it. While it may sound like a noble plan, it would be far from beneficial. The GND would undoubtedly bankrupt the American economy, leave tens of thousands of Americans jobless, and hardly help defeat climate change at all.

The American Action Forum has estimated that the GND would cost somewhere between $51 and $93 trillion over the next decade. I know what you are thinking, though. This unprecedented amount of money would be one-third of total GDP over the next decade. 

Can’t the rich just finally “pay their fair share” and cover the bill for this thing? Sorry, they can’t. Even if the federal government were to take every single penny earned by tax filers who made over $50,000 a year, we would still fall short, according to Investor’s Business Daily. Furthermore, this deal, if implemented, would force government intervention into everyday American life. Do you want to be told that you can no longer drive your gas-powered car? Do you want to be told that you can no longer fly from one city to another? Believe it or not, the GND actually says that air travel will have to be done away with. 

Second, this plan would devastate the homes of millions of American workers. Every single person who relies on gas-powered technology would find themselves unemployed within the next decade. What are these people supposed to do? How are they going to be able to provide for their families? It is confusing how a plan that is supposed to save the world could end up destroying the world for so many individuals in the heart of the country.

Finally, even if the U.S. were to reach zero-emissions, it would hardly help the global climate problem, if at all. As we know, this is a global crisis. That means that all countries have an impact on global climate. Now, the U.S. actually reduced its carbon emissions last year.  This is good news! Except that India and China, the world’s two largest polluters by a large margin, both increased their carbon emissions within the last year. According to Forbes, China alone has more carbon emissions than the United States and E.U. combined! Until that problem is fixed, further U.S. reduction will be nearly irrelevant.

While the GND sounds like a great way to usher in a world-saving strategy of clean energy, it would be a complete disaster. If implemented, the U.S. economy would be severely damaged, large numbers of people would be unemployed, and we would be almost no closer to solving global climate problems. Hopefully, the next proposition will be a little more realistic.

The Republican Club