Gotta catch’em all, for the eighth time

Gotta catch’em all, for the eighth time

David Moreno


Grab your running shoes, backpack, and hat because we are going on a great Pokémon adventure to catch every single one of them. Game Freak and Pokémon leaked the first images of the newest game in the works, Pokémon Sword and Shield, on Pokémon Day 2019, which marks the anniversary of the first video game released on Feb. 27, 1996.

There is a lot to unpack with what little information was released by the official trailer art: a new region is available, based off of Britain to explore; there are new Pokémon starters; the loveable characters, who will accompany us on our journey to be a Pokémon Master, now enter their eighth iteration. People already have opinions and speculation.

The starter we are introduced to is Scorbunny, a fire type. This scorched bunny hops onto the screen and into our hearts with its big feet and ears that stand at attention. What strikes the viewers right away is Scorbunny’s color scheme; it is mainly white with accents of orange and red. This is a major departure from generations past, which featured red and orange as the main colors. Even with its great color palette and clever name, there is one issue that many fans are worried about – another fire and fighting type. Starting with generation three, Pokémon fans were given three back-to-back-to-back fire/fighting type starters; the fatigue has set in, and fans want to see more progress. Viewers are also given an easter egg as one of the starter’s secret abilities. In the trailer, wherever Scorbunny steps, the ground beneath it is scorched.

Traditionally, the three Pokémon starters were grass, fire, and water. COURTESY OF  IGN SOUTHEAST ASIA

Traditionally, the three Pokémon starters were grass, fire, and water.COURTESY OF IGN SOUTHEAST ASIA

The second starter was a little timid to reveal itself, but it had the courage to emerge as our water starter, Sobble. This Pokémon has already provided some mystery into its typing and ability. The official designation is that Sobble is a lizard pokémon, which does not give very much insight into its evolutions, but fans are hopeful that its second typing is dragon. This will be the first time that dragon type is introduced as a starter, especially since Charizard from generation one was snubbed when they revamped the typing of all Pokémon. The special ability that Sobble is seen to use is a camouflage technique, where it becomes transparent. 

The last Pokémon that is introduced to us is Grookey, the grass monkey. Out of the three, this pokémon seems to be most grounded (no pun intended). All signs point to it being a straight grass type pokémon, perhaps with
 a dual type of fighting. In the trailer, it is also shown to bang a small stick against a rock, which suggests that it will carry a weapon of sorts and be able to throw the stick – among other things. Grookey’s ability has to do with growing plants at an amazing speed, as it is seen running offscreen, and its tracks marked with tall grass. 

There is still a long time
before the new Pokémon game is released for the Nintendo Switch in late 2019. This leaves plenty of time for more speculation and theories until the next batch of official art is given to the huddled masses connected to link cables. Until then, we look forward to Detective Pikachu and raiding gyms on campus in Pokémon Go. Train hard, fellow trainers!