Sportlight: Joe Anderson

Name: Joe Anderson

Year:  Senior

Major: Biology with Organizational Leadership Minor

Sport: Football

Estimated time practicing?

- Field = 15 hours a week
- Weight room = 8 hours a week

Estimated time in class and studying?

- Time in class = 10
- Time studying = 12

Extra curricular (clubs, volunteering)?

- President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
- Co-director of Diversity Council
- Residential Adviser (RA)

Job(s)?  In-N-Out Burger

What’s it like being a student athlete?  Is it difficult to balance it all?

“Being a student-athlete can be challenging, but it can also be very rewarding. You must have great time management skills in order to be successful. There’s nothing better than being a student-athlete, because you make such great relationships with your teammates and those around you.”

Favorite athletic moment?

“Throwing my first touchdown to Justin Vlahos and being a leader for my school and community.”