Sportlight: Chris Ibarra


Name: Chris Ibarra
Year: Senior
Major: Math and Business
Sport: Water Polo

Estimated time Practicing?
- Pool = 10 hours a week
- Weight Room = 3 hours
a week

Estimated time in class and studying?
- Time in class = 15 hours a week
- Time studying = 15 hours a week

USA Water Polo Referee, tutor, lifeguard and swim instructor.


Photo by Hannah Ellett /Quaker Campus    

Photo by Hannah Ellett/Quaker Campus    


What’s it like being a student athlete?  Is it difficult to balance it all?

“It’s a lot of fun! To be able to have such an amazing team as well as classmates is an amazing opportunity.  At times it can be difficult to balance games and practices with homework and tests, but it’s well worth it.”

Favorite athletic moment?

“By far winning the SCIAC Championship my freshman year in sudden death thanks to a goal from Man-Movin’ Wedge Molthen.”