Sportlight: Nicholas Madeiros drives his way to the top of the green

Sportlight: Nicholas Madeiros drives his way to the top of the green

Avery Lascher-Posner


When he was 11 years old, fourth-year Nick Madeiros fell in love with the game of golf. He was a scholar athlete all four years of high school and First-Team All-League for three years.  He won three junior tournaments in high school.  In his collegiate career, he was First-Team All-League and Athlete of the Year both his first and second year.

Majoring in Business Administration, Madeiros transferred to Whittier College from Mt. San Jacinto College as a third-year. His golf career began when he was playing for fun with family before high school. On top of playing golf, Madeiros dabbled in other sports.  

“I grew up playing basketball and baseball.  Baseball helped me get into golf, because, basically, they have the same exact swing. So, that was the reason I started playing golf along with my uncle,” Madeiros said.  

 Madeiros also won a few junior tournaments in high school.  He played throughout high school into his secondary education at San Jacinto College.  It was not until his second year of college that he was spotted by Whittier and got recruited by the team.  

“I got recruited ... to come play golf here.  I got in contact with the coach.  The athletic director contacted me and had me come visit the school and do things like that.”  

Madeiros sets himself apart from other college athletes by the fact that most athletes find a knack for one sport from an early age instead of playing multiple growing up.

 Even though Madeiros has only played two years for the Poet’s golf team after transferring from a community college, he has loved every minute of it.  One of the biggest reasons he has been so comfortable with Whittier is the golf team and the atmosphere. 

“It’s laid back, really. We all get along with each other. There is a lot of joking around, but when we need to be serious, [we] get our stuff done,” said Madeiros.  “I think we gel really well as a team.  We enjoy being around each other.” 

He stressed that for a team to be very successful, they have to have cohesion and chemistry, on and off the golf course. “We go out to eat a lot as a team, especially after practice,” said Madeiros. “At least once a week, we go out to some sort of restaurant. We hang out at each other’s houses every now and then.  We’ve gone to professional golf tournaments together, as well.”  

 Madeiros believes the team’s success has been tremendous and has only grown from last year to this year.  “First, this season, we started off very well,  [but] we hit a little speed bump.  Some of us play well some days, some of us don’t play well some days.  As far as the growth since I have been here, it’s been huge.  When I first came here we were ranked 260 or something in the nation, and right now we are top 50 in the nation.  There has been a lot of positive movement toward success.”  

The majority of the team are Fouth-years, so the team will be recruiting a lot next year.  It’s going to be hard for the team to graduate so many fourth-years, but hopefully the team will gain many great new members next year. 

In the meantime, limited time remaining in the season, Madieros has some goals for the rest of the season. “[I want] to finish the season strong.  There are a lot of seniors on the team, so we all want to finish strong.  We all want to go out with a bang.”

Madieros is going to be graduating in a little over a month, and he has goals he wants to accomplish after his time at Whittier College. He prefers to stay involved in golf, but his main focus is to get a stable job from his major.  “I want to keep playing and focusing more on finding a good stable job first.  I want to kind of play professionally, but coaching if the options are there then maybe. But it’s not something I’m trying to do.” 

 Madeiros has been very successful as a Poet on the golf team, and him playing professionally would not be a huge stretch for him at all.