Sportlight: Cali Cubel

Sportlight: Cali Cubel

Sophie Harper


Women’s Basketball came to an end last week as the Poets fell just short of making the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) playoffs. The end of the season also means that All-SCIAC teams were announced,  coaches throughout the league vote on who they thought were the most impressive players this season. Third-year Cali Cubel was one of these impressive players as she was announced to the second team. This is Cubel’s first time on  the All-SCIAC team in her career. She was number one in free-throw percentage (84.4) and number 11 in scoring (197 points), 3-pointers made (21), and 3-point percentage (32.8).

Born and raised in Oceanside, Calif., Cubel discovered Whittier after her current coach, Roy Dow, reached out to her about playing basketball for the College Cubel has adjusted well to the campus over time as she has made alot of friends. Reflecting on her time here at Whittier, she explained that she has never had such a diverse group of friends as she does here at Whittier. “I have friends in the Athletic department and friends in the Theater department. Having stuff in common with people all over the school and community has been really special to me,” said Cubel. 

Now, about a week out of her third season, she reflects on the Poets season. “I’m pretty happy with how we ended. We ended at .500, and even though our last game was a deciding game on whether we advanced to the SCIAC conference or not, the past few years we have been knocked out two or three games,” said Cubel. With six new players on the team this year, she is pleased with how they played, and looks forward to working on herself in the off-season for an even better season next year. She is a natural-born leader and it shows on and off the court. As a captain, she is the person her teammates go to for support. 

Cubel shared who inspired and motivated her while she was growing up. “It’s a cliché answer, but my mom and my dad. I realize that I use things they taught me growing up every day and that has really formed and shaped me into who I am today.” Her parents taught her how to treat others with respect.

Curious as to whether or not her inspiration has changed, I asked who inspires her now. “Who inspires me today?” Cubel repeated back to me, laughing. “That’s a good question.” She explained that while she looks up to a lot of famous athletes, she wanted to stick closer to home. “I have a lot of people that inspire me. My own teammates inspire me to be a good teammate and athlete. My own friends inspire me  in a lot of ways, too: to be a better person and to be a better friend.” 

Now that basketball is finished, Cubel has more time to go home to Oceanside and see her family. She is aiming for this Spring semester to be her best academically. Regarding basketball, she is always striving to be better. “I made second team this season, and I definitely want to make first team and do better next season.” 

As for her team, she is looking forward to next season already. “I want us to win SCIACs and go to the tournament, and I think we can. We have all the tools for it and we’re getting a lot of new recruits – which is awesome, and I’m super excited to meet them and play with them.” 

After graduating, Cubel is planning to go to school to become an officer in the Marine Corps and focus on personal training. Eventually, she wants to be a part-time coach.